IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER by Endurance Victor.

He welcomed her with a warm smile and she smiled too wondering who this cute guy could be.

When he was asked to introduce himself he replied with so much eloquence that thrilled her “I’m an Engineer and I solve problems”.
She uttered these words quietly under her breathe “who ask this one whether he sabi solve problems? Well-done problem solver”

When it was time for the outreach, the ladies were asked to pick guys they would love to be paired with. She wished she would be paired with this eloquent guy and guess what! It happened. She held his hands and he said: “Ma, you see she wanted to be paired with me”.

They spoke so well to the persons they met and positive feedback followed afterward. They talked about their residence and discovered they both stay in the North. She knew most of his friends. They attended the same fellowship. This made their conversation sweeter.

They discussed their past relationships as they ate and drank their malt drink and snack(gala). She felt so comfortable talking to him about anything. This made some team members kind of jealous. What was probably going on in their minds was; “what are these guys talking about for a long time now?”

On their way home, he held her hand closely as they trekked down to board a bus. He did something so sweet and amazing that she loved and enjoyed. He carried her up in his arms as they both laughed, walked cherishing the moment. He pecked her twice on her cheeks and right hand. This ignited a likeness for him in her. They boarded a bus down to their destination. It was raining so they remained in the bus. He almost kissed her in the bus but she said she was not comfortable with it and he respected that though he said he could do it as long as the other person watching is not harmed in any way.

It stopped raining, so they alighted from the bus. He agreed to walk her down to her hostel. He attempted to still kiss her on their way but she resisted at first but succumbed after much persistence from him. And trust me, she enjoyed every bit of it.

He adored her body. Set in between her thighs ablaze. She couldn’t help but moan sweetly as he explored her body. He made the experience one that she could not forget in a lifetime.

Has she fallen in love with this guy? Would she friend zone him? Can she handle the fact that he is a ladies man? Is he a philanderer? Is he just playing with her emotions? Would she date him? Is she in love with a stranger?
These questions we would find answers to as time goes on.




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