IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER (PART 2) by Endurance Victor

She went home that evening after their first meeting, thinking about all that happened. Lying down comfortably on her well-laid bed, she smiled and asked herself this question “could this be love?”

The next day, she got a text from him informing her that he won’t be coming to see her the next day as planned because of an assignment he had to work on throughout the week. She felt quite bad. She thought I can’t believe I won’t see him throughout the week. He couldn’t even be sacrificial enough to make out time to come see her.

Guess what! He didn’t dash her hopes. Something happened that altered his plans. He called her and informed her that he would still be coming around to see her. She quickly wore her wig and did a light make-up.

She walked majestically to where he was seated. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. They exchanged pleasantries. He complimented her dress sense, she smiled and said: “thank you”.

They talked about a lot. He said he was going to help her publish her write up on various sites with her consent which she gave. He wanted her to kiss him but she said she doesn’t kiss in public. He still said it doesn’t matter as people will always talk.

He accompanied her to go see a friend. When they got to the stairs, he carried her up in his arms until they got to the third floor. They were both were laughing as he planted a kiss on her lips and dropped down her gently. He requested for a kiss which she gave him before going in to see her friend.
Her friend was nowhere to be found so they had to go to the market to get foodstuffs to make dinner.

As they trekked down back to her residence, he met friends which he never failed to introduce her to. She responded smiling.

She just whispered to herself, “This guy is a celebrity, everyone seems to know him”.

She got to her residence to keep the foodstuffs she bought. She told her roommate that she went out with the stranger she met two days back. Her roommate was so excited that she wanted to follow her to see the handsome guy. But she refused, she said she needed to see him off quickly because it was about to rain.

So they kept on talking as she accompanied him. He said: “Subsequently you might hear things that would make you leave me and things that would draw you closer to me, I wonder how you’re going to handle it”. She smiled as usual and replied: “I’ve made up my mind that no matter what I hear I would still remain your close friend”. He was surprised at her reply.

When they got to a considerable distance, she hugged him tightly and he whispered the three magical words in her ears “I love you”. She looked him in the eyes and replied: “I love you more”. He still asked her for a goodbye kiss but she said she doesn’t kiss in public. They laughed and bade each other goodbye.



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