He waited for a year for me because I was still in a relationship with my first love. I told him everything about my relationship because I saw him as a friend. My first love cheated on me with two ladies and I decided to end the relationship. We became very close and he officially asked me out one evening.

Our relationship became the talk of the town. There was never a time we had a fight that wasn’t resolved. Our family members knew about our relationship. Our communication was fabulous. We just understood each other like the back of our palms. I respected the fact that this guy honoured my decision of keeping myself until the wedding night.

I got admission into school and things changed. I felt the distance between us would be difficult for him to handle. I decided to end the relationship so it won’t be a distraction to my academics. It was painful for me and him. He cried for days and I was sad too.

I graduated from school two years the breakup. I met many guys in school but they were basically after the “cookie” which I wasn’t ready to offer. Some called me naive, some others saw me as not exposed. I was jovial, a spiritual fellow, I was serious with my academics but I had no guy to call my boyfriend.

My ex and I started communicating again and memories we once shared together started flooding our minds. We decided to hang out and we enjoyed ourselves.

This guy is just one in a billion. He understands me like no other. I feel so comfortable with him. It’s a mutual feeling. He asked me out again and I said yes.

We got married a year after and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Our marriage became a model for many homes. I became a relationship expert. And he was enjoying his job as an international fashion designer.

I have no regret falling in love with my ex over again.



IN LOVE WITH MY EX by Endurance Victor

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