I did not mean to break your heart, it was just a truth or dare, funny this may sound as but truth is; it is you I hold dear.

I swear I did not want to spin the bottle but was caught in the moment, hazed out by the beer that should never have found my belly let alone getting into my head, so I found myself saying: oh please stop all this self righteousness charade like you have no idea what she has done too.

Know I do not want to lose you, won the game but it’s one I should never have played, damn! I played with your mind, when I dared say nothing is between me and her even as the snapshot stared you in the face, I’d bet from the look you gave, this hurt I have caused you would stay till like forever and if only a snap from you could turn me to dust then you would snap with your middle finger very much involved without an end.

Darling, yes, I kissed her, I’m sorry but I just had not gotten over the fact that you were with him on vacation for the business trip I discovered you never had five years ago and now I know Tina is yours and not your sister’s. Yes, I kissed her, I did not mean to, the night just did not go as planned, I was supposed to only drink my new discovery to stupor and nothing more, I meant not what I did, I’d fallen short in the course of judging your flaws and I admit in the moment of indulging demons long locked away I veered off course, good Lord, phew! but darling she tasted nothing like you, no lies, more like water actually, but she gave no life rather she is taking away the only one I have, you. Would you really let her?

I should have been careful, maybe I’d I’ve been on that business trip too and never in the pub the other night, then I’d have not needed to write all this, getting frustrated, but darling! no, I’m not yelling, but it feels like you have left already but I refuse to succumb to my feelings once again, no, I can’t afford to kiss wrong again, can’t afford to kiss you goodbye, no, I need to keep a straight head so I won’t drink this her way either.

Darling, I am staring at the stars and they seem not to be shining, it’s pitch dark in your absence and I just can’t deal, know this, anytime I still think of a sea in the desert, you’re all my imagination can picture, please come back, we’d live, so much happily ever after, total bliss, and I’d play no more, it is the truth my dear, it is, plus the kids miss you already and I think Tina deserves to know I’m her daddy but not her father. See you soon honey.

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  • Irewolemi
    Posted May 14, 2018 at 9:05 pm 0Likes


    he shouldn’t drink this her way… 👌

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