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Love and Fear

August 8, 2019

They say love is comforting
But I swear it has me scared to death

You tell me you’re stressed
I hear you’re completely fatigued

You tell me you’re hungry
I hear you’ve been starving for days

You tell me you’re cold
I hear you’re stuck in a blizzard

You complain about the heat
And I can feel an inferno

You tell me you’re walking in the rain
I hear you’re braving a hurricane

And damn, when you’re sick
I feel like each breath may be your last

I know I love you because I’m scared
Wishing I could control the elements for you.

I know I love you because I’m scared
Unsure what existing means without you.

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Victory Okoyomoh

I'm a student optometrist, poet, editor, content creator and author of the poetry book - Love, Life, and Poetry. You can me on all social networks @victory_wrights or reach me via victorywrights@boompoetry.com 😊🐾

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  1. Poetic Justice says:

    Nicely written, love your diction.

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