Strong force,
The ultimate propelling force..

Characterised by the intense feeling of giving up one’s self to satisfy another.

Something true.
Inexpressibly crafted to be used, reused, renewed,
The exegesis of ecstasy..

A timeless event devoid of human space,
No venue,
No date.
Choices suffer inertia when its on the go,
Its boundless,
Its benevolent,

A natural being
that goes out of us,
right in front of us,
masking our flaws
to mark us with a new name_ love..
So when you look at us,
You see……..

An Atonement
For relationships torn apart,
for mirrors broken into unrecognizable pieces,
for harm done that we did not do,
that we did not start,
for wrongs we did not commit,
All for love.

A Commitment
Pledged to go beyond boundaries,
to go beyond the miles for the other,
blinded to their inconsistencies,
their deficiencies,
Paybacks and returns,
Not selective….

Beyond letters and words,
Its not spiced up with pride and envy,
not hypocritical
bringing out the consistencies in inconsistencies,
unraveling the efficiencies in
Ignoring the “I’m” in imperfection,
spelling out perfection,
It is doing all for all not one for all to save face,
not all for one, not one for one.

Agape erases the errors in the
mathematics of love_ eros.
a fault in the genetics of love,
For love is too prestigious,
too divine to be mistaken for libido,
it surpasses gestures and mere affections.

Its inexplicable,

It cannot contain a bottle space,
It can explode when placed in a container,
Its inexhaustible..

Its beautiful,
It goes beyond poetic flows,


God is love..
Until we come to the realization of this,
there won’t be difficulties in relating with men.

Love is a natural thing,
Its nature itself,
Its breathed upon us,
It is not what we are compelled to do.

“And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us”


(c)Asuelimen Favour Isi ®

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