Misfortune, often missed for tune to which one should dance to, at least with slow moves, but do we really have to? I mean dance to doom that looms out of the unwanted horizon? Then why is it that that’s exactly what we do?.

Not here to word-feed you with tales of misfortunes turning around for good, that’s something right now I don’t deem fit to be written on, but rather lets reason together on how we handle misfortune.

Calm is a virtue, own a bit of it and you won’t have much problem giving misfortune a good handling, why aid a killer annihilate you? You encounter a hiccup and you go out of bonds which only streghten your bonds with misfortune, you unconciously thereby distabilize your physical setting, anger dominates your face, you now look ugly, where has thine smile gone? with your mental stability I suppose.

Calm down, think of a sweet life, your dreams walking into realities as you handle the circumstances circumscribing you exquisitely with no un-called for panic, know your priority, worry shouldn’t top the list, focus and positive thinking is what you need.

Misfortunes only preceed that which comes to dish out goodies. See if you haven’t battled it out with misfortune you won’t appreciate miss-fortune when she arrives with her kids of success.

No pain no gain, no sun no rain, if heat didn’t exist breeze won’t be of any need, no night no day, no night means no shine for the stars, ain’t you one? Hard times? Tell me, you shinning now? Want to know what matters? the question is are you going to survive and come out different and great? Answer.

Not of a good feel now dear, you’re not alone, can’t write no more for the now. Goodnight success.

Ain’t that what you are?

©Cirphrank Wordy
Le Pheno Vinci

Pray For Me, Wish Me Well
Darey Art Alade, Timi Dakolo.

What do you think of misfortune, let’s talk it.

P.S : I’m sorry this came late.

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