The Miss Uniben Pageantry is more than just a beauty contest, it is an annual event that has been carefully designed for the all round development of the participants, as well as the empowerment of young ladies, specifically, female students of the reputable University of Benin.

This event is organized by the well known social platform among the Uniben students, Uniben Metro.

The Miss Uniben Pageantry is quite unique in its operations, as it runs on well grounded objectives, which gives it a voice amongst popularly acclaimed Pageants in Nigeria.


An all encompassing objective of the pageantry is a well drawn schematic, through which various operations are highlighted and upheld.

This very one objective reads thus;

“It is a beauty pageantry and skill acquisition platform which is geared towards the empowering of young girls to finding their life purpose. It is also aimed at discouraging social vices among our females.”

  This all encompassing objective comprises composite units which independently and as a whole contribute to the vision of Miss Uniben.

Firstly, ” A beauty pageant and skill acquisition platform…”

This very statement quoted above is important in explaining the makeup of the pageant.

It does not only emphasize feminine beauty, it focuses on skill development as well.

It brings to light the various talents embedded in the lives of young ladies, which may never have been taken into cognizance or totally ignored.

This helps to build up the personalities of the ladies involved. It seeks to instill a sense of pride, confidence and relevance which comes from skill and ability.

The pageantry also helps in reinforcing the idea of feminine beauty of all females as it increases self awareness and self worth in the female minds.

Miss Uniben grants the females, exposure into hitherto unexplored ventures and lifestyles.

It teaches the ladies, carriage, composure, dressing as well as total elegance. In the long run, it helps in the total development of the female.

Secondly, “…it is geared towards empowering young girls, to finding their life purpose”

Miss UNIBEN Pageant helps empower ladies by rewarding them financially, building up and showcasing skills and talents, inculcating a sense of female pride, building up personalities and confidence, focusing on intelligence and female independence.

In the long run, the ladies are thereby encouraged to try out new enterprise and discover what they are meant to do, while helping them financially, however trivial to fufil such a purpose.

(c) Miss UNIBEN

Thirdly, “It is aimed at discouraging social vices among Females.”

An empowered female is self respecting, self sufficient and does not engage in any activity which will lead to her degradation.

It aims at taking ladies away from the streets and bringing them to a point where they can stand boldly on their own without engaging in negative behaviors of any kind.

So, the phrase ” Miss UNIBEN is more than just a beauty pageantry” has been carefully justified through the dissection of its all encompassing objective.

Miss UNIBEN aims at the total financial, social and academic empowerment of females.

It has done so in times past and will continue to empower females now and in times to come.

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