Foreword: This is not in anyway written to make any reader of this blog who is a Muslim feel intimidated, isolated or anything similar.

Good afternoon great folks, and happy Sunday! Well, this piece is to basically give those of you that have decided to skip church today a nudge to not do so, but for some folks, it has come rather pretty late, in such a case, just digest and apply it for next Sunday.

First off, isn’t that church in the image above just outright beautiful? huh? … I know right. Well, yes it has something to do with what we’re discussing in this post: church, but we all pretty much know I chose it because of its cuteness, *sweet.

I recall when I saw the submission – Mister Isansa – in the mail, I literally laughed my eyes out, not entirely because the piece was outright hilarious, but because the young man is more like a twin in the regard of missing church/going real late. I mean really late, I could tell you of a million instances, none has ever had me being hit on the head with wood and ending up on the hospital bed before though, but I’ve pretty much been an earl in the town of late-coming. On a certain occasion, I had gone to church real late even though the church wasn’t such a length from where I stay, when I got in, guess what ensued… we shared the Grace, yea yea, you read that right, I was so late all I met was the closing! That day I laughed my eyes out on my way back home though my heart wept! Like truly, that was really bad, I slept asking myself, how far have you fallen, how did it get this bad… amidst other questions of the same family.

Well, that did not make me change, anytime I went home, I still went to church late, and it’s worse for the church, in this case, is just opposite home, like you step out of the house – cross a road – step into the church.

Yes, that sweet, and maybe if I’m to even confess it’s a bit sweeter than that, for I don’t have to go a whole lot of length when NEPA does their job and I need a place to charge my devices. – Original Infinix Charger (FREE SHIPPING)

As sweet as this may be sounding, know that it still doesn’t change the fact that church skipping/late-coming attitude is one that is toxic, yes, it is. Over time, it started extending into other areas of my life and only my school got the better side, occasionally when it seems like there won’t be any consequence I let it deal with school too.

Now how did this late-coming even start!???
Answer: I felt it had no consequences!

Admit it, if you are like me (who’s currently rehabilitating by the way), you would agree that you would not dare miss church services if you knew something bad would happen anytime you did! Well, the thought and feeling that there is no consequence to it leave one feeling pretty much at ease to dwell more in it. Meanwhile, the truth is, there actually are consequences, a number of them that even if I was to make up a list I won’t really be able to contain it, but let’s just take a look at two passages for brevity’s sake.

  1. Hebrews 10:24-25 King James Version (KJV)

    24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

    25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

  2.  Ephesians 4:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

We see evidence in those two passages that I would not be deliberating elaborately on but you can further read insights as regards them in the resource links below, that, Christ actually seeks that we always meet up with one another at close intervals to worship in UNISON not just individually, for the body of Christ is a WE thing and not I.The strength is in the love, and the love is in always coming together. Click To Tweet Think of it, what if everyone started skipping church or coming late as much as you do? would that be awesome? To stay lit, a blue flame in the body of Christ, you need to constantly breathe in fresh air of new insights and meet more of your kind to rub minds with not isolating yourself! Click To Tweet I recall attending Church for the first time in a long while and the first thought that came to my mind was: oh my! how I have missed this! the church atmosphere is the home atmosphere Click To Tweet and isolating yourself to your crib and claiming you would find more time with the Lord personally which in most cases rarely be can only be at most fair but not ultimate like meeting up with a body that will constantly give you nudges and hints on how to get better in life.

I felt there was no consequence to missing/going late to church but with time I learned there actually is, a whole lot of them to be precise.

How did you start getting chopped up by this toxic attitude? Well for me, it was that I left home at a pretty early age and while trying to adjust to pseudo-freedom and tons of overwhelming changes I felt I have not much time on my hands to keep up  with the church even though I still loved God, reasons changed over time, like I got into the varsity and school issues just started making me feel I just got to let church activities be, for they ain’t going to help me get good grades, then the issue of finding a church where I am comfortable  in (that preach the gospel and not their opinions and don’t trade decent dressing for God cares only for your heart joor!) came and then even when I found one eventually, I just reverted back to late-coming, yes, over again!

In a statement I’ll combat those excuses that crept in as valid reasons thus;
If you are having issues, isolating yourself from the church is no way to equip yourself better against the devil! If you are having a lot coming unto your plate, realize that you just need to set priorities right and serving God with all related to it should never miss having the first place. NEVER. And finding a good church is never too herculean a task, for if you really look out, your church awaits you!

I had written “Sunday Service” but that’s seriously not the only service the bodies of Christ holds, we have Bible Studies and more, you should not miss those ones too, you should attend them as frequently as you can.

Here are 5 simple reasons why you should not be missing church services.

  1. You would miss socializing in the most ideal manner: Church is not a place of “STRICTs” and no flexibility, it has never neglected the concept of fun, from the days of God making eyes pop by conversing with a prostitute when folks thought of it demeaning and forbidden for a Christian, God has actually been showing us the ideal way of socializing, pretty much definitive than clubhouses and the likes, here you know to a good extent the stand of folks as regards some aspects of  life before you even talk to them for they are in a gathering for your kind and those interested in being of your kind. You get to meet new folks that may really be helpful or you may get to really be helpful to, either way, feels good.
  2. You miss learning new things as regards who you are in Christ: You don’t get to be the I Know it all when you give your life to Christ, you just keep learning unending the extent of your powers in the good life, gradually, so you can live it, and even though it is possible, it’s not sensible to want to want to do this on your own. This is something being in a body, and regularly attending her gatherings can help you with, you learn more with those on your level from those that are ahead of you, directly, which is quite easier than any alternative.
  3. You miss the fun: God bless you that you catch me on a day I have lost all cool calm collection while praising the Lord section is on, you will see dance styles that could dominate the Grammy, this and more, and the opportunity of partaking in them is another miss you will suffer from skipping/going late to church.
  4. You become a lone wolf: That’s pretty much confusing, yes, apart from the fact that our Savior is the lamb of God, it can leave you really confused for you would have successfully helped the devil isolate yourself to be dealt with by a mob of “negativeS”. Even when pastors are fighting spiritual battles as individual leads in the Church, they do not do it staying away from the church. Do not cut the flow.
  5. You are going out of fashion: This is quite similar to number 2&3, but it is more, like the combo and things like, missing out on church services leaves you at the mercy of unconsciously learning the ill things of the world, accumulating more of what is unclean in a gradual process and more. It doesn’t come as a boom in the beginning, only on the long run, one day you’d wake up to realize you’ve forgotten Bible passages you knew offhand before, verses of hymns you realize you can recall no more, and it is then you’d acknowledge that you have gone out of fashion!

*pheu! I did not intend to make this long, but what’s worth writing is worth writing well! If you do not fall into the category of church defaulters, do your best never to fall out of line, it’s cold and lonely out here, and if you are in the category, getting back on track is something you should understand does not happen in a day, requires determination and patience like the learning of a craft, if you try not to get frustrated and always plan ahead, you would get back on track in time.

And that’s it for this post friends, hope you enjoyed it, share it, tell me what you think via the comments, and you can rate it too. HAPPY SUNDAY TO YOU!

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