I fell in Love before I even knew what it meant, when Judith asked me playfully when I was just a kid I told her about my NURSE, that I would marry her, not even understanding the hurdles of love, I met her in the children’s department at the local church she was a beauty, a sight to behold her face was a gaze at the stars her voice sang an elfish lullaby, she was fair amongst others, we were never very close and my love for her had no holds, everything fell in place and soon she became my NURSE.

The Children’s day celebration draw close, though I was no artist it drew us close, closer because when the drama was selected it was the good Samaritan and I would act the doctor and she the nurse to the patient, unknowing to me I would be the patient, it was after that drama and that beautiful scene when she called me Doctor I responded Nurse,
the clock in my chest went anti clockwise, my heart was recalibrated I fell so hard for her hoping I would be caught before I land but my NURSE left.

When she left, her presence was felt even in her absence, I felt maybe out of sight would keep her out of mind, true, but it was never out of Heart, she left with the keys of my heart where she went I knew going there would seem like a fluke, so I watched from afar till my looks became a glance, a glimpse and then my sight lost her, and I was left as an ailing boy Love did not take long to find me, when cupid shot his stupid arrow it struck a damsel who saw my aching heart and sought to heal it but how can a mere physiologist carry out an operation for a qualified surgeon, the keys to where needs healing was lost needs to be found, but she never listened and I blame cupid, because she fell for me but fell so hard to the ground all because I needed no one but my NURSE. When she saw my love was not reciprocal she left me in the puddle of loneliness, while i await the return of my NURSE, but she never came back, so tired of waiting I searched on Facebook for my NURSE, but the answers it gave made me more determined to face my books and remain lonely, I even told the bird that sings to tweet her Of my feelings, but I never got a retweet, so my search continued day after day.

And 8 years after I finally got her digits through a friend of Blessing that Sunday was a Blessing. When I called her my hands were sweaty, my mind was going over how to explain my self to her, my brilliance meant nothing here, all I heard was the beating of my heart against my chest, and when she said “hello”, waves of memory swept over me
and I said “how are you?” and she said “Fine, and she said “who is this” “and how did you get my number?”, the reply sent sound waves that struck my boat broken, she couldn’t hear the beating of my heart or the words that followed
so she hang the call.

We talked later on and how time flies, even if I still love her, her heart might belong to someone else I respected that fact and sought to see my NURSE one more time.

I wrote this poem for her and I hope she likes it,

“After over 7 years,
I have found her,
the one who took my heart
placed it in lock of palms,
maybe unknowingly but she took the keys,
and I ne’er saw her beautiful face again,
and I have been a lonely man all these while,
a sick patient waiting for my NURSE,
I begged the stars to carry my message
every night to her,
that my love is drowning in distance,
that I would travel the tides to get the keys back,
and then I finally saw her.”

When we met she was still beautiful as ever, even with my class, intelligence and good looks,they all fell like a heap of dry grass when I shook her hands, she was still as welcoming as that very day in Church when she called me Doctor!, I told her who I was she remembered but her memories were hazy, I told her after she left I had no drive to continue as a Doctor, so I’m almost an Engineer, she was not even a science student she looked so beautiful and befits the course she was to study, Banking and Finance, we talked and we laughed like old friends and I stepped on her toes, but the memories I have of that day I would cherish, we even walked on a rail track like two Indian love birds and when I was going my heart beat which was faster when I met her was slower, I then knew I had gotten my keys from my NURSE, when we hugged I felt like the most loved, I would never forget my NURSE.

To complete the poem

“she was no longer a little girl,

and I was no longer a little boy

and our paths never crossed all these years,

and all my fears are gone now

I have seen her at last and I am free,

and i was not even a Doctor,

and she not a Nurse,

but I fell in Love when

I didn’t even understand what it meant,

if I have gotten over her, I don’t know,

but she should know

that at one point in time,

someone loved her and yearned for her love”

Dedicated to MY NURSE( I.F.T)


(c)MY NURSE by Eazykie

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