In this pretty much subtle rant of mine, I shall try not to get as blinded and some of our dear front-liners are getting.

Today, I am getting a bad feeling come this Friday it won’t just be normal TGIF but also “phew! thank God we made it outta this week where we got our certificates as lazy citizens trending and wherein our darling Chi-Chi just could not mind her business and it so happened that it did break the net”

Before I go on making lucid my problems with the fore-stated groups, let me drop some definitions:




  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

    -Google Dictionary.

And someone who indulges in the act of feminism is called a feminist. 

Meanwhile, for the vegans, please let me have the honor of doing the definition of these lot:

Vegan: Someone who hates non-vegans silly! just kidding, but most of them are that way!!! (at least those I’ve encountered!)




noun: vegan; plural noun: vegans

  1. 1.a person who does not eat or use animal products.

    “I’m a strict vegan”


adjective: vegan

  1. 1. using or containing no animal products:

    “a vegan diet”

    Google Dictionary.

Now having understood what both means, let’s go into why I’ve filed this rant for you readers.

1.) Chimamanda tackled Hillary: You know, just the thought of this sounds hilarious and I mean no pun, like you, can literally ask: for what?, what has one of the world’s “lead feminists” and a great writer (that’s what I love and respect her for) got to do with former US presidential candidate? Well, I’ll tell you and mind you, it’s not just a thought, it happened.

The two were talking at a PEN World Voices Festival lecture at the Cooper Union in Manhattan on Sunday when our ‘oversabi’ writer said while interviewing Lady Clinton that:

“In your Twitter account, the first word that describes you is ‘Wife.’ And then I think it’s ‘Mom,’ and then it’s ‘Grandmother. And when I saw that, I have to confess that I felt just a little bit upset. And then I went and I looked at your husband’s Twitter account, and the first word was not ‘husband.’”

Jesus! I swear down, when I read that she did that, I asked God: “what has Nigeria done to deserve all this humiliation”, did she just exhibit the typical spirit of poke-nosing that resides on the inside of an average Nigerian mother-in-law internationally to a woman she has no family ties with and is by no means her mate? (like I thought we Nigerians used to have respect na…) I was weak even before learning of the reply that Mrs. Hillary gave which I consider more epic than the one She gave the French folks asking about Nigerian Libraries. Read below:

“When you put it like that, I’m going to change it,” she laughed; before adding that women should be able to celebrate both their personal and professional achievements.

Clinton went on to quote the late former First Lady Barbara Bush, who said: “At the end of the day, it won’t matter if you got a raise, it won’t matter if you wrote a great book, if you are not also someone who values relationships,”

-Jezebel reports.

Clinton added that the subject matter of female identification wasn’t so clear-cut; “It shouldn’t be either/or. It should be that if you are someone who is defining yourself by what you do and what you accomplish, and that is satisfying, then more power to you. That is how you should be thinking about your life, and living it. If you are someone who primarily defines your life in relationship to others, then more power to you, and live that life the way Barbara Bush lived that life, and how proud she was to do it.

“But I think most of us as women in today’s world end up in the middle. Wanting to have relationships, wanting to invest in them, nurture them, but also pursuing our own interests, Clinton concluded.   – Punch

People of good beautiful dear Lord, you read the definition of Feminism earlier? Is it about stalking and querying people’s personal life? And how many times have we seen Nigerian feminists break the net with substantial doings apart from when they spurring inane controversial hashtags and tweeting, deleting sagas? I’ll let you answer that in your mind and I won’t stalk or if you will, do so via comments.

PS: It pains me when these folks keep clamoring for the girl child and indirectly treating the boy child with uttermost disdain, we’re forgetting in cases such as thisequity is ideal, not equality!

2.) Vegans and their confused ideologies! : Upload a picture of your kid wearing a fur clothing and you’d see vegans bare their teeth at you (ready to eat you up, and they’re vegans o…) like what on planet earth is wrong with these folks that have decided to leave more meat for those of us that care not for the so-called adverse effects eating meat has on our health? If you ask me, I’d say after atheists (abeg make una no beat me o), vegans are the most confused folks on planet earth.

Saw them calling I think it was 50 Cent or a similar celeb names on Instagram the other day when he uploaded a picture of his kid online (who’s good gracious cute by the way), they lashed out ferociously saying all sorts of contradicting funny spills like: “who skins animals if not the true animals… You make the boy look ugly… You stupid if you think wearing fur makes him a man…” amidst many others… many of them claimed animals have a life like us and should not be butchered… (like they had to use the word butchered  so as to prick emotions? conscience? hmm, nice try…)

Now that we are all getting petty with this blackmailing with ending of life thing, here’s one for y’all dear vegans, the plants you folks romantically butcher, have they no life? huh? I’ll try not to make this one too long, do you know that earth without animals would be awful?

But do you know that earth without plants is DEAD??!!??

You opinion counts don’t mean it must be a top priority to all, everyone’s point of view differs and I think the only sane resolution to our differences is that we indulge in our preferences with caution applied in good measure.

Acouple of years ago we heard news that 50% of all vertebrate species had disappeared in 40 years. On Thursday, we were greeted with news that by 2020 the figure is likely to rise to 66% of all vertebrates. It is no wonder that the conservationists are shouting. It is no wonder that they are so desperate to get their message heard. Animals, it seems, are on the way out. And no one appears to much care. – 2016- The Guardian

If you read the excerpt above you’d get that yes, I get your point in the proper way, and I only feel you shouldn’t be getting violent about it and should try to get the point of others too.

Here’s where I’ll rest my mace of a pen and pray it stays safe.

Good morning good folks, have a great Tuesday!

Updated: Contribution from a blog reader brought to my knowledge some misinformation in the article, sorry if my misleading has cost any quite greatly.

Vegan isn’t short for vegetarian.

Mr. Oluwatobi Navi J. who has met both parties before rightly describes them thus:

Vegetariana person who does not eat meat or fish, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.

Vegan: a person who does not eat or use animal products.

He furthermore added that I’ve met both parties before, a vegetarian can use milk a vegan would not. But vegetarians use animal products, we generally have more vegetarians than vegans.

Vegans are mostly not religious tied. I’ve never seen anyone who is vegan because of religion, they’re mostly these nature preservation folks.

See Detailing On Quora.

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  • Josh
    Posted April 24, 2018 at 6:55 am 0Likes

    One of the best articles I’ve read and taken time to read completely in a while… Considering how “lazy” I am. 😁
    Kudos writer πŸ‘ .
    You sabi πŸ‘

    • Poetic Ali
      Posted April 24, 2018 at 9:36 am 0Likes

      Thank you fellow lazy youth, you sabi the the Beta Yarn! Accolades for you!

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