“what time did you get in last night?” Augusta asked as I came down for breakfast.

I glanced at the clock and realised and I over slept, it’s already past eleven.

“Oh jeez! I am late Bes why didn’t you wake me up” I said,

“well we had some issues, with the car and guess what?” I continued losing track that I just said am late.

“he asked you for sex?” Augusta replied

” no”

“he formally asked you to be his girl?”

I giggled” Yes, and he is damn serious Bes, he wants something serious. He wants us to go meet my parents next month. I said,  “unbelievable right?”

Augusta just sighed and went to the living room to switch on the TV.

“Babe, I think have found him, my heartthrob, my soulmate,my better half, my everything…” I kept fantasizing, moving from one end to another. Augusta stood up and went to the room, I followed her. I didn’t stop talking,

“Then we would get married someday”. 

Augusta brought me to planet earth with her loud voice, “can you stop following me, or better still stop this shiity talk, it’s irritating.” Augusta screamed.

“But Bes, you didn’t even ask me what I told him” I said

Augusta turned and stared at me, she wasn’t enjoying this conversation, but there is no one else I can talk to. “is it not obvious you said yes, after all are you not Amy, the love queen. Already daydreaming about a wedding that is not sure if it has a date on the calendar now or next 3 years, you met him when again, three months ago and here you are talking about wedding. What don’t you get in this life?, must a guy always be there. Always in every chapter of your life story”. She turned and went to the heap of clothes on the ground, she started folding them bit by bit.

I sat on the bed a bit far from where she stood, “don’t make it sound like though am desperate, you should know me better than every folks out there. You know how rusty things were between me and Smith, well all my relationship, You how much I love feeling loved, you know me well”, I looked down. “Alex just showed up from the blues, we have been working in the same company, and I didn’t notice his presence till Smith left. If not him, am sure I would not have gotten over Smith this quick. Bes please be positive in matters of my heart. Alex is different, trust me better than Smith”, I ended. She gave me no reply, but went on folding her clothes. I went close and realized they were dirty clothes, who on earth folds dirty clothes.

Then it dawned to me, she wasn’t here.

“Smith came around yesterday evening” I heard her say “well I saw him yesterday,with his new girl friend. And they almost created a scene yesterday at the supermarket”.

Clara burned with fury. She walked in to the bedroom of her well furnished self-con, then out of the room. Her phone rang, she picked up and said “make una bundle that vagabond bring am here “, she dropped the phone and went back to the room.

Unlike Amy, Clara came from an affluent family but lived street. She had mouth and hands everywhere.

Clara left Smith to park the car, on coming out, he saw the same lady he had slept with the previous night talking to Clara, both walking together. Smith started shivering on knowing who Clara is, before he could discover what they were discussing, they pounced on him, right at the supermarket car park and beat him up. Leaving him with lots of bruises.

After the whole drama, Clara got into the car and drove home.

“so you think you can just mess anyhow, jumping from this skirt to another” Clara said as some hoodlums brought Smith in,and went out.

“babe, it is not so, when I met ya friend I was drunk likewise she,I can’t cheat on you babe, you are my world”. Smith stammered.

Clara left and returned with one of the hoodlum, “Cobo, take him to the cold room”.

Smith tried to pull off the grip but they were stronger. Clara said, “he needs to spend a night there”. Then added, “Boo, just go am following you” 

Augusta sighed, “that dude is such a fool”. She already stopped folding the clothes.. “you woke up this morning and were like you are late, any plans?” she asked me.

“well kinda, I wanted to pick up something. But it’s all okay” I replied.


Rrrrrrrrrr, Rrrrrrrrrrrrr

I heard my phone ring from under the pillow. I silenced the call. It kept on ringing over and over again I felt Augusta staring at me. “pick ya call”, she said.

I moved to the window, and answered my call, “Yes sweet, am fine, sorry I couldn’t help you pick up those documents, kinda just woke up, ehn, hope ya car is in a better shape, Sure, we would see tomorrow” I laughed  “am okay, can’t I laugh again”, I kept on talking on phone. “My friend is fine,you want to know her name?,” I turned to look at Augusta, and she gave me that blank look. I returned to my call, “sweetie, let’s talk later, wanna freshen up and lest I forget thanks for last night, byeee” I ended the call and threw my phone back on the bed.

Augusta brought out her little travelling bag, and started packing few personal belongings in it.

   “please don’t go tell ya dude about me, I don’t want to get involved” she spoke without looking at me

   “are you alright Bes,” I asked

   “yes I am, I errrr” she stammered “I will be travelling just for few days, something business came up and I am to travel”, she said.

   “who would now stay with me” 

   “Alice would come over” Bes said and picked her bag and left the room, I followed her till she got to the kitchen, there she made a sandwich which she put in her bag, Then she headed towards the door, without looking back she kept moving to her car. She knew I was at her back.

    “are you sure you are fine, Bes”  I had to ask again

   “I am”  she replied and kept walking.

But I can sincerely swear something is wrong, I saw a tear drop but she quickly cleaned it. She got into her car and gave me this stare filled with sadness.

   “I love you Bes” I shouted as she started the engine and drove off.

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