It’s heartbreaking to think that love might just not catch up with you. That night, after Smith walked out at the bus station, I sat down there for hours wondering how this situation had come to pass.  At first I wanted to believe he was just acting up to get my attention as usual till he drove off. I read far more into the incident than it deserved. Yet the more I thought about it, the more I sensed not only his arrogant attitude but a sense of long absent mindedness.

Had the relationship turned out to be a mess. And we were this close to getting married soon. He was happy, I was too. What went wrong?, probably he got tired and wasn’t ready to settle down, but still he could have talked to me, we always talk out our problems.

“Jane, get up it is late. Have been searching for you” my best friend, Augusta said

“I thought you were out with Smith”

It then occurred to me, have been crying all this while.

“He left me Bes, Smith left me”

I said amidst my tears,

“I don’t know why, he said I should forget about him, about us”.

“So this is what all this is about Amy, I told you earlier to leave that lifeless being before he sucks ya life to make up his”

“but we looked perfect, we were making plans for forever, Our wedding, Our ……..”

“enough of this”

Augusta lifted me up and helped me to get to the car. I dozed off.

The whistling from the kettle woke me up. I couldn’t recall what happened, and felt awkward about it. I rushed to the kitchen, breakfast was set.

“Good morning Bes” I smiled

“Good morning. So you finally came down to have breakfast “ she said

I giggled, “I don’t know why am feeling indifferent this morning and am really stinking like though I haven’t taken a shower in a week’

“of course yes, you’ve been sulking for days not wanting to work, bath or eat.’

I dropped my spoon I held “like seriously?”, “where was Smith? I need to call him now”

Augusta sighed and left the table without finishing her food. She was going to the room. I quickly followed her.

“is there something you ain’t telling me” I inquired

“you can’t be serious Bes, are you really out of your mind. How can you suddenly forget what happened” she shouted  “you and Smith are no longer together, he obviously left you for a skinny bitch he now flaunt around with. That he couldn’t admit to you because he is a coward.  Am so disappointed you can’t remember anything ”  she ended and backed me with hands akimbo

Without seeing her face I could feel the rage coming out. She never supported me going out with Smith not a bit. And knowing he hurt me, just fuelled it up


“you know what, let’s go shopping, I will be needing a cloth or thereabouts, and a total makeover. Would report at work on Monday” I said

“but first, you need to get into that bathroom”  Augusta laughed and pushed me.

“Bes hug first”  I begged before hugging her.

Now that is my best friend. Always there for me. I smiled and had one of the longest bath ever.

“thanks for the lift” I said

“No problem” Alex said

 I turned and started heading to the gate.

“errrm, Amy excuse me” he ran after me, “any plans for this weekend?, I was wondering if we could go watch this new movie”

“sure I wouldn’t mind”  I replied.

“thanks” he walked back and zoomed off.

I entered my apartment. Augusta, in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“welcome back” I heard her say as I got in to the room to shower and change.

“thanks, what are you making  for dinner?” I shouted from the room

“it’s Pasta girlfriend, I came back late so couldn’t make a sumptuous meal “

“No problem”……… “it smells pretty good” I said as I walked to meet her, “already dished out”

“Yup” Augusta sat down directly facing me, “How was work ?”

“same way all week, just that today is Friday” I answered

“He dropped you home again?”

“oh! Alex, yea he did. He is actually nice He even asked me out to the movies this weekend”

Augusta hesitated “Hmmmmmm and as usual my poor little best friend agreed”

I giggled “am not poor neither am I little, and yes I agreed, we’ve been friends for like 3 months, a movie wouldn’t kill”

“of course it wouldn’t, but am sure gonna kill someone if they mess with you”

“awwwn, that’s sweet “ I smiled…. “Bes hug?”

I stood and hugged her.

“leave me jhoor” She playfully said as I went to sit.

“whatsup ya male friends?, you scared them off right?”

“leave that to me, let’s eat. Some table manners please”

 We laughed and ate in silence. I wondered where they made this best friend of mine, she is the best…

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