Hiya folks, here’s a smooth one from one of Nigeria’s finest spoken word artists, going beat smooth, flow cruise, lyrics mesmerization on this one, a love piece of appreciation of endowment of a beloved lover (kikiki 🙂 I dey show myself), in this one we find him a drunk that don’t just want to stop, somehow got me wishing I was Asake (I cover my brain with the blood of Jesus!).  Below is the lyrics for the pics and it is available for download also, this is absolutely like we always ensure here, not a waste of mb, download and get in the groove already, it is weekend, thank God it is ASAKE  oops, sorry Friday.

“ASAKE” - OlaTheRAWPoet 
(Lyrics & Translations)

Your “Ibadi Aran” 
is calling me like the sounds of “Ilu Gangan”
Kindly pay attention to this love I profess through words
like “Iya Wale” stepping to the rhythms of the “Bàtá” drum.

“Kanipe” the Sun does not shine,
I’d open my eyes to the lighting 
wrapped up by your lips. 
Can you open it again and let me see please? 
Open it!!
“Ori iya mi o!” 
Your laughter is the kind of laughter that intoxicates my laughter 
like “Emu Oguro” does to the Hunter. 
Each gulp 
makes me crave for more. 
Each gulp 
makes me stay addicted with this cup.
What shall I call this type of Alcohol?
All I know is I’m not ready to drop the cup. 
So, please, give me some more.
If Danny Drinkwater can drink water, 
then the Palm Wine jugs on your face can never be too much for my drunk hunter.

Your “ereke” is more than Gold in the hands of “Adekunle”
It is like balls of “Pupuru” 
in the hands of “Ma’ami Olowu” 
Your “eyin oju” is like the beauty of Moonlight; 
I think it is “Orisa Oke” special gift to make me feel all right. 
Your nose… your nose is like a cardinal point,
while your face is the map;
the map that reminds me of home: 
the place that has no memory 
What is my name again? 
I have to go back and ask my mummy.
Laugh again, maybe I’d quickly get home.
You see… Now I remember. 
My mummy read me the story of how “Ajibogun”
collected the keys to the city of “Ibokun”
In the same manner, 
kindly collect the keys to my heart; 
where I already laid thoughts of you like blocks. 
Go on! 
Build an Atlantic City. 
Go on! 
Open it;
lock yourself in;
ears to the rants of “Gbeborun” 
last last their “gidigba” cannot open “ilekun”

Because of the way your love is driving me crazy, 
you know…
like when Danfo-Drivers drive Wizkid, somewhere in Oshodi. 
I’d give you love that is not afraid of being risky; 
in the teeth of public opinion;
I’d remain firm and determined like Bobrisky.
Don’t think I’m just here to give you lines 
like those boys that just draw lustfully on your waistline. 
Truth is, my heart beats like a punch is in the line; 
hence, I make these words my lifeline.
These words I say to you because I love to watch you laugh Asake; 
more than these words I’d say to you again and again to always make you laugh. 
So, Laugh! 
And uncountable will they be, 
the butterflies in my belly. 
Laugh Out Loud! 
As I’m Laughing My Ass Out. 
I know Laugh Will Not Kill Me Die, 
even if you’re Rolling On The Floor. 
So Laugh! 
Coz your happiness is important to my world, 
just as Kulikuli is important to Paul Word.
Light up the butterflies in my belly! 
“Iwo sha ti rerin” 
And these butterflies will become fireflies.
Fireflies that will make my heart burn
like an unrepentant fire.

For every time you make my heart burn, 
For every time you make my heart burn,
I’d come back for more – 
like a chronic drunk. 
The “Akeregbe” bearing my affection for you will never break,
because I’d stay drunk 
like a chronic drunk. 
I’d stay drunk;
in love.

So, Asake! 
Will you laugh again? 
Will you make my heart burn, again? 

Asake – Yoruba female name; lexically means: to be selectively adored. 
Ibadi Aran – a lady’s waist. 
Ilu Gangan – talking drum.
Iya Wale – wale’s mum.
Bàtá – three-faced talking drum.
Kanipe – had it been.
Ori iya mi o! – oh my mother; an exclamation.
Emu Oguro – palmwine.
Ereke – cheeks. 
Pupuru – popular Yoruba food.
Ma’ami Olowu – my mother; olowu. 
Eyin Oju – eyeball.
Orisa Oke – creator divine.
Ajibogun – Yoruba warlord.
Ibokun – a city in south west, Nigeria.
Gbeborun – gossipers.
Gidigba – bravery.
Ilekun – door.
Iwo sha ti rerin – just laugh.
Akeregbe – gourd.

Asake is a piece of Spoken-Word Poetry, 
by OlaTheRAWPoet (@olaadene); 
you can download on: 
www.betayarn.com…the laughter of a beautiful lady is an elixir for a drunk heart.
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