Hiya everyone, happy weekend, hope your week was awesome, mine was nothing short. Today I’ll be discussing with us my opinion on how hard it can be to be true to oneself at times plus how people react to what they see without even trying to look beyond.

Main case study:  OLAMIDE. In line with one of his latest hits: Science Student.

I’ve always been a fan of the bible passage where Apostle Paul spoke of how he does the things he wishes not to – Romans 7:151.

Now, I’ll not beat around the bush but go straight to the point, have you seen Olamide’s video on the hit jam? If not, see below. (You can skip doing that till you done reading this article)

In the video, one thing comes to mind when you watch it, a question: is baddo confused or what?

Why? Well, I’ll tell you.

In most of the songs Olamide has released in his entire music career so far, majority has had him speaking explicit about using drugs in the language of the streets  or indulging in acts that goes along with the use of drugs, some even go as bad as derailing the pride of womanhood .

But here we see Ola in this video showing us what seem a bit unclear like he’s sitting on the fence, the lyrics though speaking of the adverse effect of drug use at the same time stylishly lauds the use! A couple of rants surfaced on the timeline of some folks when he released the audio, many tagged his declared aim for the track (which is to foster the fight against drug abuse) as false, saying that the audio does not even have him saying do not use drugs, rather it is just another propaganda of his towards selling yet another hit track.

What do I think, they were a bit right, but largely wrong.

Before you can really deliberate on some issues at times, you need to understand the issues frist, which most people don’t do. And if you must judge, why not get to know what/whom you will to judge.

Olamide had grown up in an environment where he could not really help not being influenced by the use of drugs amidst other street vices, but there’s good on the inside of everyone, and if you ask me, Ola has tons of good in him, but guess what, also does he has thorns on him!

He knows the pain, he hates it, but let’s not forgot he was literally born of it, and most folks that judge on this against him has in the past actually celebrated him for it. He’s a street sensation and that’s how he tickles fancy and leaves audience hooked! You really think he’d be able to pass the message you feel he did not if he lost that touch? how? to which audience? the one tailored to respond to rugged vibes that he’d have lost? Well, from what I’ve seen and listened to, Olamide knows very well the rules of the game:

Give them what they want, before chipping in your own preference.

Now if you listen attentively, you’d notice he did not for a word or in a line laud the use of drugs but rather just went on fancifully describing different methods by which folks indulge in the act and eventually lose their sanity, which is a way of him obviously speaking against it, and even in the process managed to retain giving that party jam feel out. Now, if this song happens to be the club banger in your hood, I put it to you that Olamide is not responsible for its misuse, like when I do spoken word poetry on some occasions, I tell listeners;

I’ll try my best to deliver the right imaginations, I am solely responsible for what I say, but partially for your understanding of it.

If you watch that video, till the dance part comes in, in my own opinion; you’d cringe endlessly in pent up disgust, disappointment due to having thought it was going to be a bang from the beginning, well in that video you’d see no one smoking nor anything alike, just the adverse effect shown for about 3/4 of the video, now tell, what better way could someone that has been branded King Of The Streets have told the streets he feels they should drop a major lifestyle of thiers without making them turn total deaf ears? huh.

I am not saying Ola did a perfect pastor job, nor saying he did not aim at selling a hit, what I am saying is, he delivered the message as clear as he could possibly have, the video even ended with writings dissuading all from the use of drugs, if you ask me, he tried! HE REALLY DID.

He has managed to deliver a hit and at the same time deliver a good message for any that would listen, something that is rare to do nowadays or see any trying to do in this country of ours where snakes can swallow money.

In a nutshell, Olamide in this song has shown all that you don’t do what is right because of what people think of you, that they may certify you unworthy to perform some acts is not something you should consent to. The dictation of what you should do and shouldn’t should be solely made by your mind, that any other thinks you ain’t worthy is not something you should mind.

Like I say:
I don’t preach the gospel of Christ because someone thinks I live holy, nor will I stop to because someone feels I am a sinner. 

Personal convictions should not be disrupted be external opinions. Today I only be plead that we all imbibe this Olamide attitude and do what’s right irrespective what we may have done, or the way society sees us. Our actions should not be tailored by how others perceive us.

So for me, the science student jam is one heaven of a great song, and I’m so dancing to it henceforth, like I’ve been doing since.

Let me know what you think via comments, if you liked this article, rate it below, share, drop a comment. Thank you, and once again, happy weekend.

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Footnote TitleFootnote Description
1Romans 7:15New International Version I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.
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    nice analysis

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            thanks betayarn….now I have credit to call my babe 😂😂😂

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            You welcome sir!
            Best get to calling her fast! 🙂 #winks

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    ……………………….may your ink never run dry
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      Amen! Thank you.

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    Frankie multi tech. Hafa Na. Love your site. Keep it up

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