I never planned on making this story mine
But it all reflects round my life
For john 8:32 says
And you shall know the truth
And the truth shall set you free
So here’s the truth to who I am.

You see
I was made from dust
But by God
For He carved me with his words
And through those words I came into this world
And now those words run in my blood.

Speaking of blood
I remember I fell but was cleansed by His blood
On my skin are the writings of His words
And if you still wondering who I am
Check out Luke 20:36
Just like it says, “I’M SON OF THE RESURRECTION”.

For I ain’t the king’s ward, I’m His son
And for this, I’M ROYALTY
Endowed with the authority to
cast out demons and principalities
And I’m Eternally saved because of my identity
If you need proof of this, check the word
Precisely Rom 8:16.

But sadly, the word I knew not
I was more like a church boy attending to alter call,
And I never understood who God was.
And not knowing my identity
Cost me everything
For I could not Author my destiny.

But then I met this charming lady
And all I wanted was a taste.

I could do anything for her
I even quit being a bloody liar
But she wasn’t impressed
Cos all she wanted was that I know who I am
And so she took me to John 1:1, where it all began.

She turned my life around
And to my friends I became a new clown
But I wasn’t bothered.

For she showed me christ
Taking me to John 3:16
Also explaining to me that
He is the way, truth and the life
The true vine that never runs dry
And for me He gave his life.

And so I was shocked that someone lived for me selflessly
And I’ve not been faithful to him
The one who made me free from sin
And so for redemption I decided to serve him and fulfill MARK 16:15.

I had God in me, and all I needed was to open my heart to Him
So if I could find God, so can you too
Cos He will never leave you
For He knew you before you were born,
In you are the words of His tongue
And you’re not of this world, for you’re a child of God.

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