Hello there, been a while, hope you’ve been good and relishing the beauty of the shop. Today I bring us a topic that tends to throw some guys off balance and into doing what they don’t want, sometimes as worse as going into debts.

Like I do in most cases like this, I’ll start this off with a story, it is a short one that happened to Mr. Virca (are you a learner? of course that’s not his real name).

Well, on that day, Mr. Virca by the stroke of fate ended up a man that found his way to the food court in the University of Benin with about 3 girls as his entourage, he smiled on as they talked on, they had reached a consensus that he would be the one paying for their orders which he did not flinch about but simply obliged.

And then came the time to order, so the first girl ordered for fried rice, salad, and some plantains, egg, then turkey! the second girl placed her order too, and did not miss asking for turkey, third girl did likewise, then the young man taking the order turned to Mr. Virca, a renowned moderate spender who has not for once eaten turkey in the Buka which sometimes costs more than the price of a basic meal, Virca simply beckoned on him to let him have a look at their order (the girls order) and he told the boy without mincing words, remove the turkeys, replace it with fish. After the whole episode at the Buka, some of his (Virca) guys that were lurking around hit him up laughing, said they saw the whole thing play out and had feared plus had started pitying him that he was going to get milked real good. Virca simply smiled and said, I won’t dare be that stupid for any reason, not even for misplaced shame.

Mr. Virca case is a typical general representation of oversabi girls in action (and sometimes, some are just intentional demons!) and a true guy’s response. In most cases, the guy for one reason or another falls for stuff like this, probably in a bid to impress or some other rare reasons.

Before I finish it up on why every young man should emulate Mr. Virca’s bluntness; quick questions;
Dear girls:

  1. Why would you bring your friend along on dates? (not that it was a date in the story, I’m just asking)
  2. Why would you order like you are in your last days?
    Knowing fully well that you aren’t with Bill Gates but a young man that’s still in the process and just outrightly cares?

Back to why Virca is worthy of emulation by all. Never stay around girls who seems to always put pressure on you to spend! and never give in to the pressure of spending, NOTE: by obligation, it is demanded of you to pamper your girl to the core when you are well capable, but by no means should you plunge yourself into negatives in a bid to live up to expectations.

Loving someone is no basis for taking irrational decisions and being someone’s love is not license to taking rash actions. And by default, if it’s all in a bid to get a girl yessing to your proposition, trust that doesn’t really come by you trying to impress but mostly when you’re just naturally impressive, which would, in that case, require that you already have some attributes that tickle the girl’s fancy. Yes, money is a factor not to be overlooked in any impending or ongoing relationship, but incongruous spending is not in any form sexy in the tiniest bit.

Don’t misconstrue the point of this post, this is not in any bid written to implore guys should be stingy but to warn them against being stupid, and if you are currently saying: “if e know say e nor get money, e for just let the girls be na!” – ***smiles, you don’t have to be overtly rich to give your friends a good time***

Bottom-line, kind gestures are to be appreciated not wrongly exploited, appreciated even when little. Click To Tweet

I hope you loved the read, do share and have a wonderful remainder of the day.

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