So it is painless to get a box or bar of chocolate, a new tie, gifting of clothing you so admired from friends and family and at that point would confirm and know you’re happy. Come on, how won’t you be happy?  Passed an exam, got an email confirming your attendance to a mind-blowing event and lots of amazing stuff.

Did I forget the food? Dang! This one causes default happiness most times. And this goes on to how we receive expecting or unexpectedly from persons or just doing things for ourselves. This makes us happy.

Does happiness really have a definition? Well, we’d see about that. From Merriam Webster Dictionary, happiness is a state of being happy. Technically, that sounds more like a repetition than a definition.

The truth is we can’t always be happy- in the sense of being excited and giddy all the time. However,  living a happy life is not about avoiding hard times. It is about being able to respond to adversity in a way that allows you to grow from the experience.  It is actually more of an experience than a feeling. We can take a cue from the Bible, Nehemiah 8:10 which made it clear to us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. This goes on to say that we can experience joy from the experience we have of the understanding of who we are in him. We have a God who’s got us too.

Happiness could stem from doing what you love, excited about life and being intentional. You’re free, opened, confident. It is interesting to know that happiness comes from within. You just find yourself exuding excitement. You’re all frenzied and sometimes, you want to bring down the roof. So yeah, bring down the roof. *not literally though*

Happiness is contagious, it’s a vibe you really want to give at all times. When you’re happy, it affects the persons around you for good.

Remember to share the love and stay happy.🙂

You have reasons to be. 😉

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