The labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain.
Their labor was to build a nation where Peace and Justice shall reign.
These are the lines from our National Anthem.
But with the way things are going,
It looks we’ve failed our heroes past.

This wasn’t the Nigeria they envisioned.
This wasn’t the dream they had for the country.
Selfishness, Hatred, and Love for money have eaten deep down into us.
We have become inhuman and have failed our country.

We fight one another because of different backgrounds, race, class, and religious beliefs.
Yet we complain of racism in the world,
Forgetting that we are racists in our own world.
He is not your brother if he doesn’t speak your language.
She is not your sister if she doesn’t have the same faith as you.
We kill ourselves and pray for peace.

We love our children and ignore the ones on the street.
We protect our parents and we tell the market woman to go kill herself.
We have become inhuman and self-centered.

Peace will reign if we act as one.
Treat one another as family irrespective of the color of the skin, race or religious beliefs.
Let us love our neighbors as ourselves.
Show love to your enemies, for Love conquers all.

Let’s live above hate and build this country together.
Let’s stop dreaming for a better tomorrow and start manifesting love for a better today.
Let’s hold hands together and build this nation.
We are stronger when we act as one.

Let’s serve Nigeria with all our strength
And uphold her honor and glory.
We are Nigerians.
Do not remove the ancient landmark.
Peace is possible if we act as one.


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