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September 12, 2019

You’re a wordless poem I hope to perform
Soundless music by a hyperactive orchestra
My mind’s obsession painted on a blank canvas
with the colors of the rainbow and the sadness of a soul

You’re an art form A masterpiece
The proof of a creator’s mastery is embodied in the precision of your curves

Whole in ways that only birth beauty, I want to waltz in the stained glass chapel of your mind
Broken in ways that only birth beauty, I only want to look at the world through the kaleidoscope of your mind.

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Victory Okoyomoh

I'm a student optometrist, poet, editor, content creator and author of the poetry book - Love, Life, and Poetry. You can follow me on all social networks @victory_wrights or reach me via victorywrights@boompoetry.com 😊🐾

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