This is a rap! This is the beginning, and to the end, this is a wrap!! Persie is keeping it true, with realistic lyrics, I tell you, people, this is a rap!!!

If you have seen my Aduni III video, well then you must have heard him, the rap soundtrack that ushered me in and out? well, good people, that was Persie, that is Persie!!! and that track happens to be my best from the album, all the rest? dope still! Before uploading, I only just wanted to listen to just one, well your guess is good if it was that I ended up listening to all.

I’ll say Christian hip-hop in Nigeria now has her own J-Cole, Persie is really one to watch out for.

One of my best lines from the album:

You can never starve with a belly full of laughter – Persie (mind of a genius)

Artist: Persie
Produced by: Nil

1)staged Intro – Download
2)Unthinkable – Download
3)Mind Of A Genius – Download
4)Wake-up call (FT.ShalomKC$DES) – Download
5)Friday The 13th – Download
6)Ocean (interlude ) –Download
7)Ungrateful Thought – Download
8)Paranoia – Download
9)Upsidedown – Download


Serialquote(GENIUSLIFEANTHEM): there’s always a better way to do things. If you can’t find it, then create it.

 Download Already Tomorrow Lyrics (ZIP)

Download The Full Album (ZIP)

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