Evening there, welcome to the 2nd edition of the picture pun mini competition by Beta Yarn1!. If you are totally new and have no idea as regards the working of things on this, read this.

This week’s pun is a bit tougher than last week’s own though. Answer to last week’s own is Eden Hazard which sadly no one got right.

  How To Answer/Participate:   You get a chance by winning just by dropping a comment in the following format:

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Answer (Your version of the complete statement)


Akpan Olawole Ismail
Cat pecks Dogs

And if you are right, voila! You are contacted and awarded your prize!

For Today’s Episode, below is the question, GOODLUCK!

It’s not really that hard though, let’s have your answer, may the smartest brain with the quickest finger win.
Footnote TitleFootnote Description
1Beta YarnGreat Discuss. Beta has a little twist to it in this context, taking on the greek meaning and the pidgin meaning in line with how it is spoken by the natives of Nigerian. Yarn on the other hand purely derives its meaning from pidgin here, meaning to talk/gist.
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