She was the definition of perfection.
That coke bottle couldn’t be compared to her curved body.
She smiled so bright like the sun,
She was that shooting star that wasn’t hard for me to identify.
She took all of my attention and became my distraction.
Every night I heard her voice and the next morning, I looked forward to hearing her voice again.
I was glad my heart found love again.

We’ve been friends for over a year now.
We were fond of each other,
Everyone around thought we were dating.
She was the manifestation of my fantasies.
She was my everything.

Then one beautiful evening, as the stars were shooting in the sky,
I asked her to be my girlfriend.
She gazed at me with surprised,
Touched my cheek and said, “NO”.
She said she wasn’t ready to date and we should just remain friends.

Who cares?
I was ready to be her friend,
I was ready to remain in the “FRIEND-ZONE”.
Because I knew one day, I would break out of this prison.
Love was talking,
My heart was in love,
And my senses had gone to bed.

They say, “when a lady says NO to you,
She only wants you to try harder”.
I became a fool to that.
I waited for days, weeks and even months for her to change her mind.
I became the king of the zone.

Suddenly, it happened…
The day I will never forget,
The day I got my senses back,
And the day I realised this was reality and I wasn’t in the movies.

I don’t blame her.
I blame my heart whose job was to pump blood but ended up falling in love.
And now I have fallen a fool.
I loved her but was too blind to see the brick wall in front of me.
I gave her my heart, my soul and my all,
But she gave me her back.

I had other girls calling for my attention,
But I put their calls on hold.
And gave my attention to this one who constantly rejected my calls.

I write this with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart,
Because I have not been rejected once,
I have not been rejected twice.
I have been rejected over and over again by this same lady.

I was thinking that her NO would one-day turn to YES.
And I would one day break out of this chains called “FRIEND-ZONE”.
It’s surprising how as smart as I was,
I couldn’t get this girl to love me back.
My IQ became useless for the first time.

Alcohol and drugs could not console me,
For this pain had eaten deep into my heart.
I was bleeding from within.
I did everything I could to make sure she was never down,
Yet she kept pulling me down.

Rejected I was,
Rejected I became.
From that moment, I closed my heart to emotions.
And it became the stone I was.
This has to STOP.

I died when she said NO to me again.
And added that I was not her type,
And was not good enough for her,
Rejection was at its peak.

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