– Review of Aremo Gemini’s Irawe by Ola TheRAWPoet Adene

When a loved one dies, it is never just about the pain and the tears associated with the period of their death, it is more of the void that their exit leaves. The emptiness that will be felt later on when they pop up in conversations involving our shared experiences with them; Irawe, a dirge by Gemini profoundly reminds us of the truth about death and how it leaves the loved ones of the dead.

“O fe jo bi ala, ka ji lowuro ka gbo wipe o wa nile keji, o fe jo bi ala, ka ji lowuro ka gbo wipe o sere wa.”

Gemini shared his feelings about how he keeps wishing it was a dream and how he wishes the dead could pay one more visit to the neighborhood. “Can it just be a dream?” “Can I just see you one more time?” these are among the common things that come from the heart during grief.

“Iki ni n jobi, Iku ni n jepa, Afara to ja ko ti e jin, Iya Abdul-wadud to mu lo lo se wa nitan.” 

Death hits differently when it comes home, yet it is one of the things that we have shared the most as humans – the death of a loved one; if you’ve ever lost a loved one at any point in time, you will agree that these feelings are exact.

As much as the poem is dedicated to the memory of Late Haleemat Akinola Soliu, the subtle delivery of the words makes it even more compelling for everyone to resonate with the pain that comes with loss; also, it will resonate with everyone who understands that we all will have to depart from earth someday for it isn’t our final destination.

My favorite part is where Gemini did alliterations on what a mother is to one:

“Yeye eni ni ikin eni, eyin o sai mo pe yeye eni laya eni, yeye eni ni ire eni, eyin o sai mo pe iya eni ni iseda eni, yeye eni latona eni, yeye eni lapesin eni, yeye eni n mama eni.”

Irawe (which means dry leaf) did not fail to come with the usual Yoruba depth and richness associated with Aremo Gemini’s work. The entire production is of a high standard, topnotch! especially the video. I wish I could completely translate it for those who do not understand Yoruba… well, Gemini said he could be paid separately for that service 😉

Tap On The Video To Watch Irawe

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  • Ola TheRAWPoet Adene
    Posted November 4, 2019 at 11:14 am 0Likes

    And it’s live! Thank you Boompoetry.

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