With freckles that removed
Speckles from my vision
I soon enough swung into a mission
My morale went from zero to sea breeze bold.

Beauty that gave me ginger
Left me like I was drunk in ale
I said to her;
You look like a twilight
Standing out like a starlight
They say change is constant
But I pray your freckles never sway.

She spoke in hushed tones
A funny rose I envisioned up close
Said you leave me wanting more
Like Canadians love for ginger ale.

I took sniff off her breathe
She took a whiff of the beachy rose
I puff words that were true;
Darling your scent is so soothing
You smell of sea breeze cologne.

And you make me see breeze bold.

Photography by Kester Kanayo
Poetry by Cirphrank IWrite PoeticAli

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