Yes, in the featured image, I may have written “dolls” but that’s not outrightly right, because the subject of discussion today do actually have life, technically like mechanically, so to speak or right. Thing is, they ain’t the ideal kind of doll, these ones are robots, they respond in very smart ways and these particular set have been programmed to pleasure!

Okay, quick one, can you for a wierd second imagine yourself having sex with a robot?

Gross? Well, for me, I think from the way I named this posts and the words I’ve made so bold, my answers is A BIG FAT BULLY BRED NO NONSENSE NO! 

This noon, I’m discussing lifestyle, not literature spilling, something you’d be seei

Okay, here’s the thing, biko swerve if you think I have created this post in a bid to enlighten us as regards the origin of this outrageous piece, ‘cos no I haven’t and mbanu! I’m not giving insights on it’s mechanism either, rather, I’ve come here so we discuss the craze this piece is setting on in minds gradually and to actually get what’s your take on it, though this might end up seeming like I’m subtly advising against its usage.

Since their inception, they have surprisingly been recording a growing number of open hands that’s funding the furthering of research on them… PAUSE,  just in case you are lost as regards what being discussed, here:

Sex robots are essentially realistic dolls that have sophisticated movements that closely mimic humans so that they can romp.
-The sun

Now I’m sure even if you didn’t grab before, now you get. A particular of of these dolls has actually been branded the Bugatti Veyron of virtual reality.


So far, the business has been booming that some manufacturers are claiming that some real life folks are even get married to some of this dolls. (I trust Nigerians, I shall not fret at this)

The internet has so far been quite almost evenly divided on the topic as some ladies are acting like they feel threatened by the “invention” (definitely not my future girl), some guys think it’s devilish perv stuff while others think it’s just cool.


This particular man feel it’s no different from ’em sex toys some ladies bank with:


This one had me thinking Nigerians lost their way:


And of course some just merely making jokes out of it, but I feel that would be we watching this get out of hand!

And this one is my crew member:

Now even though it was free, I still would freely vehemently personally say no to this, but guess what? sessions start at approximately £70 for half an hour, and a two hour session will set you back around £158. The LumiDolls store has 54 ‘girls’ available, with prices starting at around £1500.

And guess what?  there is even a brothel in Barcelona where all the women has been replaced women with blow-up dolls.

Now quickly before I rest my case, for those that claim that it’s good because at least a sex doll they’d buy with their money won’t cheat on them, you lie!

A study also found that, if robots are programmed to see sex as a “beneficial” resource,  they could begin to seek it out themselves without notifying their partners, in a sense, cheating.

Meanwhile, another main man has also bared sense though, sexologist Lev Shcheglov has concerns about the future of the industry saying cyborg sex poses a serious danger to humans.

He told Sputnik: “Sex with a robot is just a fake imitation. And it can lead to psychopathic disorders and isolation.

“Sex with robots won’t bring into a person’s life the emotion effect that gives us a true communion.

“You can eat pseudo-food to still hunger. But over time it will still end badly.”

And here’s where I say, with all I’ve written so far and all that you know about this topic, what’s your take on the matter? how do you feel about this scientific “development”?

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