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Nike was sitting at the back of the house reminiscing about all that had happened, it still baffled her how she managed to come to this state of dilemma and trauma, the scorching sun which she just got of from trekking under it from was no worry to her, she remembered how she met bode,she was stranded in school when she went in search of her jamb centre, the sun was so high,almost scarring her fresh light skin, he offered to give her a lift, he was able to convince her to go with him, they had discussed long in the car, they also exchanged phone numbers, time passed, their long phone calls made it seem as though they had known all their lives. She had her fears but he was really nice and handsome with great dimples, she thought to herself.

It wasn’t long before he asked her to be his girlfriend, she was suprised at why he would choose her because he was surrounded by beautiful undergraduates and fellow colleagues, he complained that they were not his choice,he preferred a homely,innocent and beautiful girl like her,he said this with so much passion that no lady could resist, she consented. 

He soon became the sunlight of her life admist all  the stress posed by her step mother, her mother  had passed on the year before she turned 19, ever since then, mama chioma her father’s lover turn wife  had  become a nightmare she could no wait to wake  from, she craved freedom but she now doubt if she was enjoying the freedom she once wanted badly or was it  just an irony?.

Bode was a young man that held every woman dream in his physique and that awesome English accent, he had told her he had a good job and could take care of her, he was working as a junior lecturer in the university of Benin, English department, Nike’s dream department. Nike had barely dreamt of gaining admission into the school,she believed all he told her without a second thought,  having bode as her man gave her hopes for a brighter future. 

Nike couldn’t wait to elope with bode and she couldn’t wait to be all his’s, bode had promised her treasures untold. On that fateful day, everyone had gone for the burial of late grandpa, she was to stay behind because she needed to read for her upcoming waec exams and care for house affairs , bode came visiting for the first time,he assisted her with the chores and they discussed a lot thus making his stay became long over due. It started  raining,  Nike loved the rain as she was sometimes called the rain child.

Bode held her close,staring into her deep brown set of eyes, his voice sounded softly when he said” please just come with me, I will make you my darling princess, I love you dear” this melted Nike’s  heart like soothing balm, she remembered he told her once the he would kiss her once they were chanced, the thought of kissing his pink lips flooded in, same thought ran in bode’s mind he didn’t hesitate to placed his lips on her’s, gosh! she wanted him badly, but she was still a virgin, she had little or no experience on such things, bode led the way, before she could say Jack Robinson, he was at the door mouth of her honey pot, giving hard knocks, bode I can’t do this she said, why? he asked, am still a virgin, then let me make you mine, am I not worth it? I love you dear, I will not hurt you I promise,he said. Nike relaxed in arms to have the most memorable time of her life, arrrrgh,a sharp pain hit her from the inside then rang straight to her brains, her mouth could only mutter his name Bode! Bode!! Bode!!! Finally he was there, he retires from his long and sensual hard strokes, she was weak and bleeding, she had no idea and implication of what she had done… or maybe she did, bode cuddled up to her and whispered in her ears, you are mine now, these words scare her a bit, but she loved every moment with him.

Months passed, they enjoyed many more tantalizing moments but Nike couldn’t get her mind off the first  experience, except for the fainting effect the thought gave her, she was always irritated and angry at things like never before but she made up an excuse that maybe it’s because she was a step closer  to  greener pastures with bode, then she started to puke while washing her mouth in the morning, she was feeling sick, mama was already looking at her funnily, more like suspiciously and had asked if she was alright, she called bode and informed him of the current situation and how sick she felt.

He offered to take her for a test after much persuasion, she took a pregnancy test and the results came out positive, she didn’t know whether to be happy or sad,she had to tell bode about the test results immediately. Bode, the pregnancy test came out positive, what should we do? “My step mom cannot know that am pregnant if not she will kill me” Nike said desperately, now she badly wants to elope with him. 

Nike couldn’t get any sleep, she kept thinking about her current situation,she called bode again and asked about the plan with her,his voice seemed rather distant and distracted,the next time she called again, a lady’s  voice came and said ” who are you? Please do not call this number again” and that was the last time bode’s phone went through. A week had gone by, she was desperate, she could sense the thickening of her lower mid region, Bode’s phone number was switched off, she decided to visit him at his supposed place of work,the faculty of arts, department of English and literature. On getting there, students flocked everywhere, who would she ask? Who does she know? Please help me, am asking after one lecturer bode badmus, she asked an elderly looking man that was coming out of an office that had English and literature tag at door front, there is no lecturer like that in this department, he said confidently.

It was then that the thought struck her, what if he was lying? Oh my God, it was  as though he fell off the surface of the earth. Obviously, he used and dumped her, he decieved her, played her, now he has disappeared like the thin air, how will she get out of this mess? what will happen to her baby? Is abortion an option?  What of her tertiary education? How will she care the child and herself? What if her step mom discovers this big secret? Can she hide it forever?
these thoughts flooded her mind,heavy balls of tears rolled down her eyes, as she trekked back home. 

©Mitchell .E.

Edited by Cirphrank
Editor’s Note:

Dear incoming female undergraduates, this might strike you as fiction, but it’s no joke. You don’t want to end up stuck in regrets I believe, so everytime you step into the school, kindly make full use of your brain in every decision you take, don’t be a fool for words and let not emotions ruin you. Anything fake normally screams it is, but if you let emotions cloud your view, you’d be deaf too. Not to say much, I just wish you a great time in school and hope you don’t fall victim to the bad side of CTY. AMEN.

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