Few moments ago I was an infant, 
Sinking in the taste of milk from mothers breast.
With those warm taps on my back,
Putting my head to rest. 

No longer a baby sinking in lullaby, 
Now a boy forced to school. 
Yet mama turned deaf ears to tears from my eyes
To myself I said, “I hate school”. 

So quick it was
That these memories are like seconds ago
Once small, now tall
What do they call it?, oh yea GROWTH!! 

From single I was, to couple I am. 
Once chanting Dad, now been called daddy. 
Once a man living in my lonely heart, 
Now have it filled with family. 

Wait!!!!? my Afro is gone, 
My face now wrinkles 
Guess old age has come. 
How fast I got here, only time holds the clue. 

Where’s my warm bed? 
What’s this tight closet without pillows? 
Guess it’s called a coffin instead. 
How did I get here?, only God knows. 

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