And some of us always complaining about not being born with a silver spoon, Christ found himself in a manger, if you ask me I don’t think that coupled with the fact that his father was a carpenter was anything like a silver spoon.

I once told someone something; “we’re talking about showers of blessings from heaven here and you are talking about a spoon? How’s that going to help handle the blessing???”

Know yourself and whom you serve. He’s willing to give you more than a spoon, he intends to prepare a table in front of your enemies and don’t start getting shy when your cup runneth over with sweetness poured forth into your life from him and you just can not but smile and say to the struggles that; “it is finished”.


I have no new new year resolution, but I do have a new year resolution.

I don’t have a new new year resolution not because of this trend going about on how new year resolutions aren’t worth it, but because every year, my new year resolutions is working on making better on that which I made some couple of years back, because it’s/they’re (don’t think about it or them, that’s for MY understanding) are long term goals.

The main problem with most folks new year resolutions is that they are just statements made for the copy, like they’re simply following a trend like most of those folks are already buying into not making a new year resolution this time. Problem is, they’re uttering just words that have no support from their personality, whom they really are.

For any that falls in that category, my opinion is, start thinking for your self and considering what would you think not “what would they think?” start demanding from yourself not making resolutions like you are trying to meet religious or any other form of demands/obligations.

Words are cheap, thus goes the saying, but there’s another that goes like this: “words are expensive”. When it comes to your new year resolution, you and solely you decide the value of your words.


My dreams won’t let me sleep, and I really have no delight for the insomnia they bring, so I’m hot on their heels, in pursuit, to bring them to justice.

See, my dreams won’t let me sleep, so I’m pursuing my dreams trying to do justice to them.

2018 is upon us, see, I don’t really know what your dreams are or what they are doing to you, but my concern is; what are you doing to them and about them? #Think

It’s boxing day friend, here’s my gift to you, have fun.

(c)Cirphrank IWrite PoeticAli

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