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Greater love hath no man than this but to lay down ur life for the one you love….. jesus christ (1-33AD)

As the soft tune of the song “Have you ever been in love”, washed over me, I found myself reflecting, have I ever really been in love? Yes or no, simple as the answer may be, I could not place it, again I asked what is the motive behind the good deeds I engage in? Do I do them with a pure heart? Do I show love when I engage in them? Or is it mere charade? Do I do good because of what I hope to get in return.

These few days that have gone by, I was in a situation that caused me to wonder and retrace my steps, I realized that I have been loving and not receiving love, I noticed, the more effort I put in to prove my undying selfless love, all slapped me right back in the face because obviously the person never felt the same way I was feeling, so you can relate this to pouring water in a basket.
Believe me, I cried at how selfish we humans can be, I decided to meditate and while I was doing that, it dawned on me slowly that there were times when I unknowingly and knowingly frustrated the efforts of people’s love, I never cared how they felt, I just breeze in and out then shut the door, that was so unfair, I thought to myself, so now I am having a feel of my own medicine.

Why am I sharing this? I am sharing this because I know there are many of you that are currently doing the same thing I did, unrequited love, it might be your turn some day, you may want something good and never get it.
The scales fell off my eyes and I realised that the same way you feel when you are rejected by someone you love, cherish and have given your all to, that is comparatively how Jesus Christ your Savior feels when His arms are outstretched and you don’t run into it, you don’t just acknowledge his good works in your life and you find excuses to justify your actions, my dear call it disappointment or whatever, it hurts anyway.
To clarify, i am not passing out any form of judgements here, unrequited love hurts far more than a thousand knives stabbing at ur back, if a person has taken the strength to pass their love to you, you can show a tremendous sense of appreciation by letting them know that their love is not a waste of time! I am guilty and so are you, one way or the other, and also bear in mind Christ’s ultimate love and how we ignore it everyday and feel His agony!


©Mitchell .E.

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  • Anonymous
    Posted September 30, 2016 at 4:05 pm 0Likes

    Awesome piece, but I have a question, how then can you show love to virtually every person that shows you love,except the kind of love you refer to here is agape. But then if it isn't how then do you show this love, where they love but you love one out of many, so those you reject are they also unrequited love.

  • Emmanuella Dunia
    Posted September 30, 2016 at 9:01 pm 0Likes

    We cant love any one equally,
    And am sure you would agree with me that there different types of love;love of father and mother,love of God,love of friends,relationship love and so on … So to ansa ur questn ,u cn show dem love by letting them kw that u kw they love u,being there for them wen u can,and doing lil lil things.

  • Cirphrank iWrite
    Posted September 30, 2016 at 9:19 pm 0Likes

    I the I kinda agree with the comment below by Ella, you can show the person that platonic love, it'll be void of deception and rejection…
    Meanwhile, the guest author Mitchell will be here soon to answer your question.

    P.S: Nice to know you read. 👍

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