Wandering through the dark

But then I see this light
Shining bright from afar
And darkness flees at its sight

My heart beats in excitement but then am disturbed by grief
Then He comes forth, but his face I can’t see
And astonishingly, did he take away my grief
For He made them his

Taking me down the memory lane, *father forgive them did He scream*
But we were blind to see the truth
And he was speared so that we may be spared
Thereby fulfilling the prophecy of truth

In grave He battled
Taking the keys from hell
And on us now He calls to be disciples
To lift others like he did when we fell

Checking the time
And our alarm rings repentance
Cause I believe its time
To get to him without any resistance

For in rhymes I beg
That our hearts be open
To He who rose from the dead
For his hands are ever open.


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