If I ask you, what’s the meaning of fasting? What would come to your mind at first? What would you say? 

Well, in the case of many, their answer simply put is: Starving.

Before I continue, let me make it clear:

This post is not to in anyway to discredit fasting by not eating, nor to insinuate that it is invalid or any less effective.

And I know someone is already soliloquising: if not fasting by not eating and backing it up with fervent prayer, then how else is fasting done???

Well, quick one: why do you fast?

Let me guess… To solve life issues.

But what if the issue is actually one Christ solved already but still persists in your life? Then you start hearing people say things like: “God answer my prayers please” , “I’m waiting on the Lord”… Well in most of these cases, God is waiting on the individual to fast right and let HIS work be made manifest in his/her life.

Now let me explain The Concept Of Fasting in this context. It’s actually the process of you denying yourself of that which is killing you and not food!

It’s is just outright misconception to be fasting that God delivers you from wasteful spending meanwhile you go night clubbing everyday, now who’s deceiving who? How can HIM answering your prayer in that regard be made manifest when you go mending the chains He broke every night?

Now let’s take a look at this scenario of an obese person fasting for a miraculous fit body, does that fit? The person would be wasting time! Give what’s of Ceaser unto him, you are not of this world but in the world. Some physical principles are just not to be taunted with spirituality. Even Christ when coming as a human observed due physical principles. He came a baby!

Seen that plate above? If a man was fasting, I’m talking a default setting fasting here, and eats as little as that piece in that plate, has the fast not been broken? Yes?. Yes.

Same thing applies to fasting and not fasting, i.e, fasting and not starving your self of the cause of the problem when within your capability to do so. It will be a scenario of carrying the yoke as quick as HE breaks it.

Sometimes, all that’s needed to even do is fast (abstain from the cause)

And sometimes, it’s not seeming like a problem yet but most of us needs to start fasting in some aspects of our life. You’ve got an office job, that takes 8:AM-5PM of your everyday and the only thing you do online is using of social media and you do so endlessly so to speak, night and day, not that it fetches you a paycheck like the job and you are giving it so much focus, it’s either you fast from the excessive usage or someday soon you’ll be fasting for a job.

You are a young one who has taken to drugs, smoking, it’s either you fast from it or someday when breathing seems to be fading into history you’ll be fasting for good health.

And so on.

In a nutshell, be sincere to yourself, look on the inside, what’s that habit that’s not helping you that you are actively exhibiting? It’s either you fast it off or it kills you off.

And I think this was by Mr. Lanre Olusola or another top speaker in the country:

You can’t pray your way out of what you behaved yourself into.

Do have a wonderful day. #share

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  • Cirphrank iWrite
    Posted June 26, 2017 at 2:14 pm 0Likes

    I do agree Sir. Stephen.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Sir_Stephen
    Posted June 26, 2017 at 2:14 pm 0Likes

    nice one Frank..
    that's not the whole concept Of fasting though… it's just the basis

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