Yesterday was a black one, a Thursday wherein many lives were lost. An oil tanker explosion has cost no less than 9-10 persons their lives, burnt 54 cars and left a number of folks injured. What I can really say is that we all should pray, and I bring to you a detailed delivery of what my mind concurs with as written by Mr. Lucky Sitta

Firstly, yesterday’s unfortunate incident could have been anybody.. Including your most revered clergyman. And I am sure a handful of persons that died in that inferno, had their morning devotion before leaving the house. Some were probably fasting, hoping to break the fast when they get home. So coming out to say “Thank God I was not among the casualties”, is (for now) the height of insensitivity. Or does God have less love for the victims? Please, school me!

Secondly, as much as I believe in prayer, I also know that since the days of Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther, Archbishop Benson Idahosa and other notable men of God, intercessory prayers on behalf of Nigeria has been hitting heaven’s gate. Praying is good. But it goes beyond that. The action is needed. After the speaking in tongues, if these rickety trucks continue to ply the roads in their bad shape (both the trucks and roads). If separate truck roads are not constructed solely for them. If the movement of these heavy-duty vehicles is not restricted to nights, when there are fewer cars on the road, if FRSC continues to issue driving license indiscriminately without proper drive test, if we keep throwing caution to the wind or ignoring safety signs, our prayers will mean and do nothing. Another disaster is just looming. It will only take time.

Thirdly, you don’t have to always remember your religious cloak, whenever a carnage occurs. It makes no sense! Stop spreading more fears in the name of prophecy. Sharing that WhatsApp audio message is the last thing I expect from any Nigerian with an active conscience.

Fourthly, as much as this was an accident, the disaster was this monumental because some folks neglected their duties. Demand accountability from your government officials. They fly because they have the means to. They live in choice areas with good road networks and less traffic. I stand to be corrected, but my imagination is that there was a typical Lagos traffic on that road, that somehow prevented a free movement of commuters. We are the ones that ply these roads, even in their deplorable state because we don’t have a choice. Call out your president, governor, local government chairman, councilors, senators and honorable representatives. Demand Justice.

I am yet to recover from yesterday’s shock. Those bodies can never be identified. But even in that state, some opportunists decided to increase transport fare, around that axis. What a shame.

May the souls of the departed, rest in peace.

And there you have it, what in my view is a sensible outline of what is needed and what’s not, yes, it contains suggestions that can be worked upon but its a good blueprint for moving forward and avoiding such incidence anytime soon again, recall something similar happened in October ’17.

There you have it, do have a good evening.

Read up about the incident on CNN Edition here

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