So there was this man, Scott Winsworth Starling, Scott was a promising young man who had potentials and a good attitude that made him not a figure out of favor in the sight of many, but tragedy struck…

This is about a trade, business, so I’ll spare you the details of the tragedy and get straight to his prayers and people wishing that something works out in his favor, he was so down he needed a miracle to get up else 6feet would have him locked up eventually so the best of him went believing in this certain supreme being called God, he was never an atheist but the way this heist seems to have brought him closer makes him look like he was never near… So it happened on that day!

A revelation in his mind you may say, but not one that you wouldn’t mind if I say, he found himself by heaven’s gate… He didn’t really recognize at first and it didn’t help that the part he found himself was where men in whites dared to trade, enough questions asked and subtle approach from sellers made him accept the funny and shocking truth, he was in heaven and the man told him: “ relax, why so serious? Were you expecting hell in heaven, things aren’t to scare here, come come over here, I offer the best rates…”

Ermm Sir, I think, what may I possibly want? well considering that I didn’t really plan for this trip and can’t really recall how I got here nor having any clothes with me, may I have a tuxedo please and plus a vintage piece and one brogues would do, oh you gentle man that looks well groomed and in words have been kind to me since, how much would you charge me for all of that he asked with a sly smile on his face… And the gentleman replied him with a funny smile too, saying, Winsworth, this is heaven man, do you really think you need all those? you have desires, why don’t you just request for those instead and no, this is not a game as you currently think on your mind, I have goods to sell and time is of the essence, shall I listen further or seek another customer?… Now, Scott was serious, first off, not many knew him by the name Winsworth and this man asking that he requests for his desires has ignited some things on his inside, with eyes like that of a baby picturing his dreams, he drew closer to this awkward yet spectacular heavenly merchant, a croaking voice he had as he asked: “what I desire? Can you really offer? Do you really have in stock the sort of solutions I seek?… Not to brag sir, the merchant retorted, but I have the best stock around here… oh, is that so? Scott continued, good then, please, tell me, how much would it cost? I could use some peace, and would like to have riches too, and how many units of prosperity do you have in stock? Can I have them all? How much would some good measure of health cost, the green variant, and do you have the over-comer attire? How much does it cost?, can I have some fulfillment?…

Oh oh oh, wait man, hold it first, first off, I mean no offense, you look well dressed but don’t seem like you really have that much to pay for all that man, tell me, how much you got?… the merchant said, Scott replied: can you really provide all off this? Tell me, how much would it cost? I’d work myself out to pay up, I swear.

Oh Son of man, you need not to swear, tell me, how much faith you’ve got in the pockets of your heart to trade? How much faith have you got to trade with? Maybe I can let you have them all on massive first timer’ discount, sorry I mean not to lose a new customer but I don’t sell on credit…

Scott stood mouth agape, perplexed and said: Faith? Is that the currency here? Are you kidding me?

I wouldn’t dare joke with the a god now, would I? And oh, yes, that’s the currency here, I don’t really get sir, this is heaven, what did you expect?… or oh! Your are from the newshire side of heaven!!! I heard peeps over there have this thing they run on alongside Faith, what’s the name again??? (*scratches head…) Oh yes, Grace! Yes, Grace! Do you have that with you, I’d like to see it, I’d part with anything in this store in exchange for evidence that you have it it with you, same thing you guys call believing in it…


I believe I’m not writing a sermon, I only came to tell you a story and I believe it has been told.


P.S: Scott threw a party sometime later celebrating his streaks of amazing breakthroughs, reports had it that he kept on repeatedly saying, by faith we win, by Grace we live.

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