A lot of people go through life without knowing their purpose or why they were created. To them, life is a cycle, doing the same thing over and over again but there is more to that. They want to go to college, graduate with good grades, get a job, get a house, get married, have kids, retire and die. This is not why you are created; this is not your purpose in life. There is more to this cycle of living.

Do not live a normal life. Do not settle for less when you are meant to do more. God did not create you to be average; He created you to become someone great on earth.



Every man has a purpose for living. The question you should ask yourself is if you have discovered your purpose. Do you know why you were born?

Some of us have rejected our purpose in life because we want what our friends have, we want to do what others are doing, and we try to copy them. We try to be like others when we are meant to stand out and be unique.

Before thinking of accepting your purpose, first you need to discover your purpose. What you need is to look within you and search for that particular thing God wants you to do in life. If you cannot find it, then ask Him. He created you and gave you the assignment, talk with your Creator and he will reveal your purpose to you. He did that with Abraham in the Bible, with Moses, with Paul and others. He told them their purpose in life and they accepted it.

After you must have discovered your purpose, the next step is to accept it. You need to accept who you are. Whether you are meant to be a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, a musician, a leader, a dancer, a programmer, a writer or anything at all, you have to accept it. You have to accept who you are created to be and what you are created to do.

Accepting your purpose is like accepting responsibilities. You become responsible for something or someone.


You will not be given an assignment without tools. These tools are your potentials or gifts in fulfilling your purpose. Your potentials are in you, go get them.

Sometimes, we get to know our potentials before knowing our purpose. Peter Parker who became Spiderman got his gifts first before he discovered his purpose which is to protect his town from the bad guys. Same thing happened to Barry Allen who became the Flash (fastest man alive). He got his gift by accident, and then he discovered his purpose which is to protect the people and town he loves.

When Chimamanda Adichie discovered that she loved writing, she then found purpose and focused all her attention there. Abraham Lincoln, Graham Bell, Mother Teresa, Socrates, all these men and women knew what they were capable of doing, they discovered their strength and found purpose with it.

Do not let your environment or fears limit your potentials. Always remember that you are created to do more. Do not limit yourself.


After accepting your purpose and discovering your potentials, the last step is to take action. Go out and become what you are created to be, do what you are meant to do, take action. Let your purpose be your fuel for action, let it be the reason you wake up every day and sometimes, let it be the reason you don’t sleep at all.

Let your purpose in life push you to do the extraordinary. Do not settle for less or average or normal, be MORE.

God did not give you that dream to be average. No, He gave you the dream to be the best. Go for it and do not stop, do not rest, do not die, until you have fulfilled your purpose in life.

Run with your purpose, be proud of what you are doing, make use of your potentials and DIE EMPTY.

Discover your True Identity.

Written by Livingstone Imonitie

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