The following is a result of a discussion is one about unemployment that ensued in a book club I belong to on whatsapp, interested in joining, indicate via comment.


The rate at which young intellectuals are being ridiculed is something that’s pain seething, too hurtful a case for me to start throwing in some formalities like defining the terms included in the topic, I know you know them already and know you’d agree that even in the “cooperate” bodies where formalities are supposed to be something that’s strictly adhered to for a firm’s smooth running instead they’d rather toss it in their pockets alongside a token of favor and ask: “who sent you?” , hiring is more done via the capacity of a referrer instead of the capacity of the referred or applicant.

Yes, opportunities are of a meagre availability as regards the fact that the federal government has stood the test of time for a while now when it comes to being incompetent…

So unemployment, are the youths lazy or misguided?

Putting into consideration the highlighted scenes above, I’d say you currently are like: “errm… Cir, from your analysis, the average you is being held back by societal decadence… So what’s laziness or misguidance got to do with this?

Hold on.

Lazy or Misguided?

I’ll try explaining what I mean by those two in two seemingly short pseudo paragraphs.

Lazy: this I use in application to both the MIND and MUSCLE.

Make hay while the sun shines, and if the sun won’t shine, make one!


I’d say most youths misuse their energy while it’s at it’s peak, from the wrong choices of frequenting night clubs and avoiding healthy seminars to ballot box stealing and being ashamed of bricklaying, the average Nigerian youth don’t MIND the way he/she uses his/her MUSCLE, giving less thought to the future, drenching self in wrong decisions, thereafter wallowing in regrets and refusing to pick self up, embracing mental weakness, taking to smoking and puffing away destinies to the wind like they did caution earlier.

Marred Mentality
and that transits us to the next:

Misguided: or could all this long shortcomings be solely responsible for by the average Nigerian parent/leader? As they groom young ones to misconceptions in many aspects of life like the popular you need a degree to be someone, and not just any degree kid, I’m talking engineering or medicine… Hence no gymnastics boy and I don’t want to see you fooling around with paints or to the education system that keep slapping the face of the futures of tomorrow with outdated jargons, or is it the leaders that keep looting even without fighting a war, selfish interests approving; like crooked budgets to flawed policies and likes…

Which is the problem?

But before you deliberate, I’d like to drive my own opinion to you with the below statement:

For any born of man is of the sinful nature, but if a man accepts Christ, he’d be born again.

Over to you amazing, here’s where I hang the curtains to draw it on a later date.

For me.
I feel youths are mostly misguided than lazy.

Here are my points.
*Growing up as a child you should know the one thing your nation is ssuffering i.e unemployment so there will be a push not to be lazy.

*Your parents will tell you to study core courses like engineering and medicine and the sky will be your starting point, but no that’s not true. Currently an entrepreneur or sport man earns more money and has more jobs than a professor in any of the courses.

* there is no job for the lazy or for the man that knows just how he got his certificate but only for the ones with a PLAN B and one who is versatile.

*unemployment is a name
Because anyone can bear it. Which is why every youth can be employed if only they be a dangote who does multi tasking.

I think… we ain’t lazy… but it’s d state of the economy in the country and also the state of the nation that’s making one’s lazy.

Use our school as a typical example… to be specific, Linus course… (UNIBEN, Engineering)

After some must have read and read and solve d whole hibeler… you sit for the exam and what you see, will discourage you.

Mel Trick:

I think there are 3categories of persons based on the discussion on ground.

  • The Misguided and lazy.
    The Misguided and not lazy.
    Not misguided but lazy.
  • Sometimes the way out of the fire is through the fire.

    We only memorize historical dates and names, not the lessons.

    In all, the only way out is through the mind, by choosing our thoughts meticulously.


    For me I think it’s a little bit of both. Here’s why

    We’ve all heard since probably the day we were born “Nigeria is blessed,” “Nigeria is a great country,” then “Nigeria’s economy is bad, no money, no jobs, no this, no that, bla bla.” At this point we would probably say we are misguided.. Probably, because as you grow up you begin to take off the rose tinted classes and see and understand some things. But then I can give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you didn’t take off the rose tinted glasses. You are still misguided..

    Then you reach a level of maturity where you begin to understand that Nigeria is not a great country, our economy is indeed bad and as to being blessed that is very much debatable

    The average Nigerian youth goes on and on about all of these without actually doing anything. Making savage statements online on things that actually help the economy that he or she keeps complaining about. No thought to make or create a concept from all of that savagery.. From your definition of lazy. Wouldn’t you call this not applying mind and muscle. This is just an example though. There are myriad other examples.

    But then again the same average Nigerian youth has probably grown up with an “entitled” mindset. In the sense that he expects everything to be handed to him just because he has a degree or his father or mother has this connection or that connection… Any thought of actually doing something apart from the degree is met with fear(surprisingly) or disdain. The thought that having a degree or connection is so ingrained that it’s almost always hard to change.

    Thank God sha that things are changing.. Youths are now coming up with novel ideas and concepts to create jobs not just for themselves but for others as well

    I’m sorry for rambling. It might not make sense but long and short, its a little bit of both.

    The End.

    What do you think? Lazy or misguided?

    Do share.

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      Thank you.

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      Nice one

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