Like I said earlier, the first semester examinations were close. So on this ‘I have a new car’ day, classes didn’t hold except for one which could have been quite educative if not for the chat I was having on Whatsapp with Miriam. She wanted to see me urgently but I lied I was in ‘an urgent’ class – which was partially true. It was a CSC111 (Computer Science) class and I couldn’t follow the lecturer’s notes, so Lami was my insurance.
I stepped outside 500LT after copying notes for 1hour which by my calculation; would take a normal human being approximately 25minutes but damn my glasses were slow. I thought I knew everything about the course, but then I had to look at it again. The course was not even about computers, it was about how computers become computers – yeah! I know.

I got scared while I copied the notes, like hello, I could code anything you want – just that it would take times ten the time the normal human – and you are here teaching me output and input devices? You know, there is this stage of mastery that once you get in, you will see basics as insult. For example I was watching a programme the other day and a Professor of mathematics was asked a question worth Five Thousand Dollars($5000), what is the formula for Legendre Polynomial?… the Professor sued the entire program for insulting him with a cheap question and ended up making Fifty Thousand Dollars($50000) out of it.

Lami was with her clique of friends who were all over me that morning asking of my health. She was waiting for me and from the look of things; she didn’t really enjoy the attention the car brought to her. I knew everyone there wanted to sit in that car, so I went back inside 500LT, I called her and said that she could go flex with her friends as I had few things to do before heading home.
“Classes yaf ended. You chanced?” I waited till the Whatsapp message showed delivered.
“Sure! I will see you in 10minutes aite?” she finally replied after one minute of ‘Miriam Stephen is typing…’
You know that feeling you get when the most beautiful girl in the world says she is coming to see you? Tah! How would you know that?

Miriam was inside the 500LT 10minutes later, she was wearing a white denim pant on a red top. She had on hair that hid her face from the world but whatever the color of her lipstick was, I was sure I was going to see it even without my glasses.
Actually when she got closer, I noticed she wasn’t wearing lip stick; how God gave just one person such orangeness on the lips was surprising. Wait, I think the lips were pink… or violet… Ok, it was a bit Orange. For the record, I am not color blind, I just have problems naming colors. Like I could see blue but forget its spelt BLUE so I call it Green, you grab?

Miriam gave me a package wrapped in a shopping bag. She couldn’t help but tell me how happy she was that God answered her prayers of quick recovery and just when she was about going into God talks, I was not sure I wanted to hear any. How she was herself yet be so threatening to me was scary – and I Loved it.

“You ringed my phone 10 times the day I fell ill, why?”
“The Spirit gave me conviction that something was wrong with a friend of mine. Then I prayed and I kept on having this urge to…” Alright, the point was taken; na God tell am shey?

“Your brother, the one your Grandma cooked that soup for? Does he still fall sick?” this was not an attempt to stop her from preaching to me, I wanted to ask her the question, I wanted to know her more – Ok! Stopping her from preaching actually accentuated it.

“Damian? No, he is in perfect health,” I was going to say something stupid that I can’t recall as I write, maybe I was going to ask if he is as cute as I was. But, she was not done talking.

“You know, some people are not as lucky in numbers. And sometimes we just have to define Infinity according to our existence and not numbers. To some, infinity is well, infinite. And to others, infinity is how far they can go. Even at that, what does it matter if Infinity lies outside our existence? To Damian, his Infinity was in his existence. His infinity was 14, he lived for infinity”

Shoot me if you want to but really, did that make sense to you? Yes it will probably make sense because as you read, you are not seated close to a girl that has got a hold on you and tears rolling down her eyes and for pete’s sake, some devil in your head keeps on telling you how fresh her cleavages are … and just in case it does not make sense to you, then congratulations, you are smart; and I am Balarabe.

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