According to the examination time table, we were to kick start our exams with GSTs which had recently been changed from Pencil and Paper to Computer Based Test.  GST courses are somewhat the kind of courses that Freshers alike read and start thinking that they have arrived. I had classmates who would sit down in class discussing Fallacy, Plato, Descartes and the likes. To me, this was not my first time doing this kind of courses; the only one that baffled me was Use of English which was a combination of two books; Use of English and Use of Library. The Use of Library was annoying, but I made sure I read it at least twice and hoped to hate it for life after I get my A.


I had to go back to Oluku since Lami pleaded and while in the sitting room recovering from the after effect of my night doses, I started hearing voices – more like I started thinking wild. The thoughts started from the night I became a devil, then it took me through a miserable life but I knew I had to start thinking of something else. I thought about hacking into the exam database of the CBT exams but I knew I was way too slow in hacking, so I skipped.


“Why did you even tell Lami to wear a jean trouser?” I asked myself. Well, I thought about it for a moment and I answered; “Because I am scared she would get drunk.” That was part of the reason but I was afraid of telling myself the real reason, some unholy fearful thoughts started coming in but then I had to switch. Finally, I thought about Miriam, at first it was perverse thoughts but the note she wrote to me started flooding my memories. I picked up one of the books she gave me from the table and called Umoru to switch on the generator. The plan was to read the book for 30minutes and then read Philosophy and Logic (GST) for like 2hours. However, it was not to be. ‘The Faith that works’ by Smith Wigglesworth had so many chapters, I decided to read the last chapter – I know I am lazy – but just after I read the introducing scripture(Isaiah 62:10), the generator went off. Umoru told me there was no engine oil and he kind of said he tried telling me earlier but I didn’t give him a chance.


At about 11pm, I got a message from Lami that read

“Worst night ever, culd u pls com pick me at Preston Hotel? Airport Road, GRA… I’ll explain later. Ba3 might die.”

I called her immediately I read the message but she didn’t sounded like someone that was ready to talk. Something had happened, and I prayed it was not what I feared. Come to think of it, it was 11pm. Perfect time for someone like me to drive in Benin but what about the risk involved? Sha, I didn’t waste time thinking. I knocked on Umoru’s door and I told him I was going to Preston Hotel at Airport Road, it was after I told him that I realized I have no idea where the hotel was.

“Freston kwo?” Umoru seemed to be familiar with the Hotel.

“You know there?” I asked him.

“My vrother I dey work close to that place walahi”

“Oya! Carry your dagger and whatever knife you have. We are going there now”

Last time I drove a car, I practically drove into the gate of a house along a street in Lagos. I could go on and tell you that the house in fact is my family house but I don’t want to be too detailed.

I would have also loved to tell you how Umoru started pestering me to cut my hands.


“Cut am come right… Cut your hand small, oya cut am full… go front… cut your hand straight.”

But… I won’t tell you.


When we got to Preston Hotel, I put a call through to Lami but it was switched off – her battery right?  Umoru suggested we go and ask from people that might have seen her and I laughed at his supposed ignorance. After 20 minutes of waiting, I decided to go with Umoru’s idea and it paid off. I was directed to the bar section and if my Peter Petrelli super power was to be trusted, Umoru was thinking: ‘If to say you don ask since, we for don dey go house’. I am the Boss right?


She was seated in one of the dark corners of the Bar with her head on the table; I could tell from a distance that she was scared out of her skin. Trust me nah, I go always talk something awesome

“Whoever said he would come running from a thousand mile seriously needs to hustle and get a car… wssss-“ She got up immediately she heard my voice and embarrassed my soft body with hugs.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Ummm… I didn’t come with my ATM. Couldn’t lodge.”

“Ode! I mean, what you doing here… The Hotel, not the Bar in it.”

“Umm… Long story. Can we go home now?” she does the umming whenever she is hiding something.

It was past 12am. I wouldn’t dare drive, coming was stressful enough for my eyes and my muscles talk less of going back home. She clearly was not in a good state to drive. I looked at her angrily and all she could say was: “What? It was just a little sip of alcohol I swear!”

“We are lodging in here. We will go home tomorrow morning.” I said, picking up her handbag. She was surprised to see Umoru outside the car park but she knew I was way too angry to answer any question. I went in to enquire about a room and I tell you, the price was way too expensive. Umoru wouldn’t forgive me if he found out that I paid an equivalent of his salary for just ummm… 4 hours sleep so I walked up to him and asked him to choose between sleeping in the car plus walking away with half the money I was supposed to pay for him and sleeping in the hotel suite, my Guy chose to sleep in the car.

Lami was seated on the Sofa, she wouldn’t dare look into my eyes. I hated the fact that I was angry for nothing. “I am not drunk Okay?” she sounded apologetic.

Calm down… Timi is not as wicked as you are Bala. He wouldn’t do anything you are capable of doing.

I was not ready to listen to a voice that always compared my sleepless nights with realities. “What did he do to you Lami?” I asked.


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