“Nothing… He just brought me in here thinking I was drunk and wanted to have sex with me.”

“And?” A rage was brewing, a demon was rising. My two hands were on the door, my back against her.

“And what?” she cursed. 

“Lami… One of your ear-ring is off your ear, your belt is not well positioned and your lips stick is out of place… Did that fool do anything to you? I swear I will – “ she didn’t wait for me to finish, “No he didn’t, he tried forcing himself on me… but hey, what’s up with you? Since when did you become Sherlock?”

I turned to face her and something in me told me she could read every single thing I was feeling. “Nothing, just keeping an eye on you.” But she knew me too well to believe me. She got up from the Bed, walked to where I stood and hugged me.

Get ready… She is about to trick you to talk about your fears. She is about to toy with your emotions.

“I caused it though; the plan was to make you jealous. Turned out he was a jerk after all. And you were not even jealous… fool!”


I wanted to tell her I was beyond jealous, the intention was to tilt her head up and say this but something weird happened. Her breathe smelled like fresh apples, perfectly paced, her eyes hopeful, I could feel her body surrender, like it was poised to go down a roller coaster ride.

“What?” she asked in a voice, perfectly intensifying. And then the world came to an end.

Kissing Lami didn’t feel wrong, it didn’t feel right either. The truth is I wanted to stop feeling anything, and it did work until I stopped kissing her and noticed she had tears washing away her mascara’d face. I had seen movies, I had read books… I mean I am cute but common, a girl cry after a kiss that didn’t last for ummm… chai! I can’t believe I was not counting.

“Lami Stinson… What is wrong?”

“Nothing, just that you smell of onions,” she said, biting her lower lips.

“Stop seducing me young lady… What is wrong with you?”

My Uncle raped me when I was 14, growing up, I battled with trusts and self esteem, in my secondary school, I got involved in Lesbianism and I am the black sheep of my Family. I am my Dad’s child but I was born out of wedlock… Just thought I should tell you”

“Who asked you?” I was shocked but hello, I don’t have the strength to take two shocks in less than a minute. The atmosphere was way too emotional and I knew she had me real bad.

“You know you are dumb right?” She said, but in my head, all I heard her say was “Confess.”

“I was abused sexually at age 10 by my Mum’s personal assistant for good two years.  Inherited my Dad’s genes that may make me a billionaire on a wheel chair, I held a knife threatening to kill my Dad at 14 and I have twin sisters, my dad’s girls… and ummm… I – “ I wanted to tell her about Lydia. I seriously wanted to but something held me back. She was 14, Lydia was 10.

“It’s alright… Don’t force it.”

I left the hotel room and joined Umoru in the Car. I was now too connected to her to be in the same room with her. I just had to leave her to sleep. I gave her one of my phones and we ended up chatting throughout the night. I had one question in mind that I couldn’t ask her, and I stupidly wished I asked her… Like was she still you know… involved? The secondary school stuffs? I gree talk am? Plus  how does fresh apple smell sef?

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