It was two weeks after the event, exactly the day I was to start exams. I woke up that morning doing the same thing I do every single morning; check to see that I am still alive. My GST paper was by 8am and by 7:30am, I was still at home trying to do final revision. Lami’s GST exam was by 11am. She called early that morning wishing me success in my exams. Since the hotel incident, we had somewhat been busy with examination preparations. She had to make a good result to finalize her transfer into Medicine and I umm… had to make a good result for no reason, whenever we hanged out, there was always that awkward moment that we just want to talk about the Hotel secrets we revealed but I guess none of us was ready.

Mum called the previous night to wish me success and she jokingly reminded me of the Aso Villa contract thingy. I was yet to hear from Miriam but I did attend her fellowship the Sunday before and she was too busy to see me.

Actually, she was not really busy. I walked up to her that Sunday to say hi totally not being aware that she was in the midst of a meeting – excos meeting. The reception was not cool I tell you, with the way they all looked at me, it felt like I had something inside telling me I was guilty of whatever crime every single one of them was thinking.

“Excuse me,” she said to whoever was heading the meeting.

“Ummm… Just wanted to say hi, bad time I guess?”

“Not really, hope you enjoyed the service?” Something was wrong, the meeting didn’t continue, they were waiting for her to come back and I felt like a barf.

“Yeah! Anyway, like I said, I came to say hi. HI!”

Miriam smiled and replied “Kay…”

“Usually, it’s Jay but since yua looking so good today, beauty over brain it is.”

“Hmmm… I see you are getting smarter. 23rd is my Birthday though, see ya soon” Her body language gave her away – she was blushing… not like the The Last Air-bender Katara blushing though.

It was after she joined the meeting that I realize that just maybe my voice was a little bit too high, thanks to my vocal cords that does not know when to compliment coded.

Do you by any chance remember Joshua? I mentioned him some 40,000 words ago, the Brother’s cord of the fellowship? (see episode 7)… He was standing right there, looking at me ummm… lustfully. I believe that was an inappropriate word. The truth is I was the one that was looking at Miriam as she motioned to join the gathering of excos – Although I can’t really say if I was looking at her lustfully, but honestly, the only thing my brain could think was “Damnit! That skirt paid her curves to the last!” and that is not exactly how my brain brought out the thoughts, but that is the equivalent translation of whatever language it was thinking in.

I left my house by 7:45am, I had not taken my bath and slightly escaped leaving the house without brushing and ummm… I was on the wheels. Taking the car was the only way I was going to get to school in time for my exam. On getting to the exam venue, I got down from the car only to remember that I left my School fees print out and clearance certificate in my sitting room. I was flabbergasted. I hate using grammar but that would really save me writing in plain words what I was feeling, which by the way, would have been shorter than this rubbish. I had to go back home to take it and that would perfectly explain why I started my first exam in UNIBEN 25minutes after my classmates had started.

The exam was awesome, although I don’t remember finishing. The computer was way too bright and when I asked one of the supervisors if I could adjust it, he started speaking English language some people would rather call insults. After the exam, I waited for everybody to leave before I entered the car, the feeling of people seeing me drive a car was not a pleasant one I must say. So after 20minutes of waiting, I finally entered the car and wssssh… I went straight home with all intentions of sleeping till the next morning, only that I had approximately 46hours to prepare for my next papers.

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