Lami came out of nowhere and stood beside me, I was taken off balance and totally forgot that Lami and Miriam know themselves. I wished the air poisoned my lungs so I will die that moment because I started doing introduction of names which was uncalled for because I didn’t even remember the names of the other two girls. It was freaking obvious that I was tensed with Lami and Miriam around me.

“Hey Olamide, it’s been a while”

“Yeah! How’s been your exams though?”

“Fine Dear, I love your outfit”

“Thanks. You look ravishing by the way…” and the chat extended to shoes, bags, hair and even make up. I was the odd one out, I just stood there looking at Lami and Miriam and I thought how cool it would be to get to know my half sisters. I got to meet them when I was 14, their Mum brought them into the Family house telling my Mum that since she had sealed up her own womb, it was high time her own children get to stay in their Father’s house. She kind of made a good point, except that I was the one that sealed Mum’s womb and hmm… the house was not my Father’s. I checked them out on Facebook one certain time and found out they schooled at UNILAG.

Anyways, we said our byes to Miriam and her classmates and then we spent minutes arguing who should drive the car. I came top and collected the keys.

“Miriam is cute… and from what I heard, she is the most wanted in Life Science.” She said on our way home.

“Ok… Who are you telling?”

“Fool! I am not the one that is falling head over heel for her am I?”

”Nah! Are you?” I asked, cutting her a wink.

“No no no… Don’t even go there. I mean, she is has nice lips but nah…” I looked at her shaking her head and when she caught me looking at her, she continued talking…

“Ok…. Maybe she is extremely endowed too. And damn she is beautiful, like she looks even better without makeup and that shape? lips? Common even a woman that goes to Deeper Life would wanna kiss those lips man…” I had never seen Lami that free; she was talking and didn’t care what I was going to think. It was like that very moment, a weight was lifted from her body. The only thing I could do was park the car and before I could say anything, she said: “I know you have wanted to ask. Can we at least go home first?” I pulled back into the road. I didn’t intend spending more than an hour in BDPA, but then my plans just had to change. We went to Chicken republic along Uselu road to get lunch and dessert then finally, it was time for her to take the wheels. I was having a severe headache and it seemed I kind of stood for a long time. It sucks!

“Alright… Ask your question, and be plain.” Lami said immediately we got into her room. I couldn’t access my room because I wasn’t with the keys. She went to her kitchen and came out with my food in a plate and a cup of Hollandia Yoghurt. My body was weak, but isn’t that what it knows how to do best?

“Are you Bisexual?” I asked with a tingling sensation somewhere below my rib cage, something in me wished she was, not because I liked the idea but common… wouldn’t it be awesome telling people that my best friend is Bi?

She laughed and said: “Seriously? Bisexual?”

Ok! Maybe now is the right time for me to tell you that I checked her browsing history some days before and almost everything had to do with stories of how people become the L-word.

Till today, I find it difficult writing/saying the L word. I mean, I could shout GAY anytime but the other one? I think the word is gross.  Why didn’t the English fellows just call the two females doing it Gay and that of two males the L word? I think calling a Guy a Lesbian would get him depressed for days – There! I wrote it!!!!!!! Gay is kind of better on girls… My thoughts sha.

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