“You owe me 5k though, your car stupidly got itself scratched and I took it to a panel beater,” Lami said on our way to Ugbowo. She came to pick me that Sunday evening.
“First of all, this car is a she. Secondly, WHAT THA HELL?” I screamed.
“Don’t even dare. It was not my fault. Ok, I dash you the 5k.” She said, chuckling.
“Pathetic…” I replied.
“Well, there goes another way of telling me how you missed me.”
“Yeah! I should probably kiss you right now… Ode, Hope say you dey see that red traffic light?” Indeed, I missed her. But she knew it already; I didn’t have to start saying the words kwo?

I had exams the following day, immediately I got home, I started revising. ‘Just two more papers,’ I said to myself while I was reading. Miriam called me in the night; it was the longest 2minutes of my life. I couldn’t even tell her my Mum gifted her with a black gown she was supposed to wear for the dinner, don’t ask what I got her; I suck in the field of gifts. “I just called to say thanks. And sorry I couldn’t make it to Abuja, I will make it up to you alright? Have a goodnight. Love You.”

WICKEDNESS!!… How was she expecting me to have a goodnight? She freaking ended the call with LOVE YOU. Damn right, I couldn’t even sleep. I spent the whole night playing her words over and over again and I wished I recorded it. At first I thought to myself; maybe it’s her way of saying goodnight. Then I thought; walahi she used bedroom voice, that couldn’t be a friendly LOVE YOU. And then I thought; Mehn! She didn’t sound happy. Maybe she was just emotional. Don’t ask me if I was no longer angry with her, who anger epp? I thanked the gods that the paper I was going to write that morning was Mathematics, na G I for get.

I concluded my exams two days after and I carried myself to TKT Fellowship’s Wednesday bible study. I made sure I went there late though. When I got in, the congregation was standing, some people were on the floor crying and some were being held by the ushers.

“Which kind service I come so nah?” I asked myself.
“Jesus is here… Just believe and cast your cares on him,” the young man at the pulpit said. I sat still, craning my neck, looking for Miriam. And then the young man said something strange.

“There is somebody here tonight… God said I should tell you to look for him and you will see him.” I looked at the young man, startled; it felt like he was talking to me. Sha, I concluded he wasn’t talking to me because the whole church shouted Amen. Besides, how was I going to see God? The young man started singing Healing Rain by Michael Williams Smith. A girl in front of me started jumping and before you say jack, she fell to her right hand side. The girl was huge, as in HUGE.. if to say she fall come back ehn… I pitied whosoever’ body she landed.

The young man said “Place your hands in wherever you are feeling pains right now, if you can have faith as small as the mustard seed… just put your hand there.” The guy beside me placed his hands on his ductives and I was like “Ewwwww!” Then out of nowhere, Miriam appeared beside me, held my hands and said into my ears:
“Now you have my Faith, just believe.” She smiled and I tell you, I didn’t know when my right hand placed itself on my head. I was having severe migraines but I had taken some pain killers to reduce the pains. She continued smiling and I felt the whole world was looking at us. “Close your eyes,” she said. And then it happened.

I was empty, like I was practically floating and I couldn’t hear anything. No pains, no worries, no sadness, no past… Just a feeling I believe the English man calls Joy or Peace or whatever, I didn’t want to get out of that state, I wanted to be there forever, but then I heard “Get ready for offering.” I opened my eyes and discovered I was the only person standing, well Miriam was there standing with me, holding my hands and smiling at me, tears rolling down her eyes and she was speaking the language of the spirits. “How long have I been standing?” I asked.
“Well, prayers ended 10minutes ago. You want to talk about it?”She asked.
“Not here, common… All eyes are on us.” I gave her my handkerchief to clean her eyes.
“Thanks. Well, see you after service .” She said and then there was the hug. The migraine was gone, you might find it difficult to believe but seriously, it was gone. And then I removed my glasses – to clean the lenses.

“You for just place your hand for your eye nah!” I said to myself. I remained seated till the end of service, Miriam didn’t take announcements. She came to me after the service and asked me for a testimony, I told her the migraines disappeared. She smiled, then she said “Like it had any other choice. God has a plan for you Bala, and he will carry it out.” I used to avoid God talks, but I felt emptiness and I wanted to fill it. I just sat there listening.
“Feed on his words. A verse you read in the bible is greater than a thousand words I will say. Gotta go, ex-co meeting ish. Don’t dare go home yet.” Somebody was already calling her name for the meeting.
The Ex-cos meeting was taking too long, I stood up and decided to take a stroll, having no idea where I was headed. I walked towards a gathering and noticed it was the ex-cos, I decided to turn back since it was dark around there but just then I heard something that caught my attention.

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