I was never a fan of chemistry, I scored 100percent once in my SS2 but it was totally to impress the grand-daughter of once upon a time Governor of Lagos State in my class – she hated me for it. I had to do one or two chemistry courses in my fresh year and I was so not interested in impressing anyone. Classes became less interesting and I discovered I was not really getting anything from class.

Physics and Mathematics were far from being my problem, I was a 100percenter in them and may I say that in my ‘second’ JAMB, I had 90 in Physics, 93 in Maths but ended up scoring 245? Lol… 30 in Chemistry and 32 in English language – I am not bragging!

Lami was good in chemistry, no wonder she was studying Biochemistry, but she told me her Dad wanted her in Medicine and he was somewhat working her transfer.

The previous week had us starting chemistry practical which was pretty annoying. I had to stay outside for like the whole time because of the benzene gas that was saturating everywhere. Physics lab was fun to be in, and each practical reminded me of those days in secondary school when I was always in the sick bay – whenever they are performing an experiment.

If there was any class I considered was worth whining away time with, it was the GST111 (Philosophy and Logic) class. It was filled with some lecturers who were so learned the only theories they could teach were the theories of men of old.

I was in class one day and the lecturer asked if anybody could proof that God existed. I had no problem with his question until he pointed at me, nah! He didn’t even point me.

He said “You in glasses, why would you say God exists?”…  I didn’t remember saying that God existed so I asked “Sir, why would you think I would say God exists?” Simple question and the whole class started shouting “Scholar! Scholar!!”… I found it very displeasing and had to step out of the class, even as it seemed the lecturer was ready for an argument.

I had to go register GSTs that week and I decided to go to the faculty of Law taking the Halls of Residence route. The sun was not smiling and the trees had given in to the harsh weather; I almost cursed my ‘whatever’ was supposed to remind me of a handkerchief as I walked the dusty road sweating profusely. On getting to the entrance of the Halls of Residence, Mum called and the first thing she asked was why I wa yet to go for my routine check up at the optometry clinic, I told her I was busy with classes but the truth was I was scared of going there because I didn’t want to run into Miriam.

Immediately I dropped the call, I looked around me and talk about the Devil, Miriam was right under the Ebelebo tree at Hall II car park with some set of people I couldn’t fix.

Guy! Waka fast… you didn’t see her…

I said to myself as I walked like I didn’t see anybody.

“Hey! Balarabe right?” I heard that ever sweet voice.

Na lie, she remember your name, she dey form

I looked towards her direction and mehn she was all smiling. I said hi as she walked towards me holding hands with her friends – one friend actually. She introduced me to the gentleman as the Guy she told him about and introduced the Guy to me as Papah Joshua; the Brother’s Coordinator of her fellowship in school.

The guy was rather too friendly for my liking and I must say too young to be called PAPA, he asked too much questions and I had to tell them to excuse me as I had GSTs to register. SHE took my phone number and made me promise I would attend their Sunday service in her fellowship which she called The King’s Tabernacle (TKT).

I was crushing on her, big time… But all my life, it has been crushes upon crushes… Besides, Miriam was a 400level optometry student and she was one of the best in the department. You probably missed the part where I said she was physically built – I believe that’s a wrong word to use for a girl sha. But seriously speaking, she was perfection made known through human.


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