Over the week, I met new faces – I stopped taking the front seats Lami kept for me and I made more friends. Out of all the friends I made, a girl – more like a tomboy – was the most amazing. I told her on our first meeting that she was so beautiful that it would be a sin to humanity to see her deny the world the privilege of her beauty just because she feels she is more comfortable being like a boy. The next day, she wore a gown to class and I had to beg Lami to teach her how to walk; in exchange for me to bath Wresley  (her German shepherd Dog).


Miriam called me for like 6minutes and all what she said made it seemed like she was speaking to me like I was one small child in the University. The last thing I wanted was a young girl playing mother on me, nah… I had to end the call with an excuse that I was busy. Lami caught me checking Miriam up on facebook and teased me through out that day, it was not funny, especially knowing that she was doing it to hide her jealousy, she got me laughing though.


Church was Fun, the sermon was top notch. The preacher talked about the Knowledge of God and he was quite convincing. He made an altar call by saying that if man was not in Christ, the knowledge of God wouldn’t be in the person, so anybody that wanted the knowledge should come to Jesus. I laughed at his saying, like does he have any Idea how my Dad used his “knowledge of God” to destroy my life?


Anyways, I was yet to see the person that invited me to the fellowship. I guess I didn’t have to wait after service before I would see her because right after the offering, Miriam mounted the Altar and the congregation started clapping.


“Mamah Myrrh,” I heard the girl sitting beside me say.

“Is she an exco?” I asked the girl, totally trying not to notice her horrible eyebrows – what is it with drawing brows?


“Yeah! That’s our super Sec Gen! WOOOOO!” She said, nah… she shouted.

I was annoyed with her rude act, but I had one more question…

“Why did you call her Mama Myrrh? She a mother?”

“No, are you a fresher?” she asked as I nodded my head in affirmation.

“No wonder!” She smiled.

Wetin come concern the fact that I am asking questions with being a fresher? I nor even know for these people.


I sat right there on my seat watching Miriam read out shout-outs, announcements, updates and whatever they say. Don’t get me wrong, I feared God, like I fear him a lot… But watching Miriam stand up there gave me a feeling like I was going to compete with him if I had to be a friend of Miriam.

Guy! You are never going to be close to her with your miserable life… the strange voice said. Yes I have a past no one would want to hear, I have a messed up childhood but I had somebody to blame it on right? I could blame my Dad for all of it, all of it.

Oh! Miriam called out for new comers and I didn’t dare stand up, going by the way everybody was smiling and shaking the new comers, I couldn’t help but remember the smile on Aunt Kate’s face when she played with the zip on my trousers. I couldn’t be thinking of that in church so I tried looking for something to block it out… I closed my eyes and I asked God if his knowledge would help me forget my childhood. When I opened my eyes, the welcoming was all over and I picked up the little bulletin that was given to me earlier “The peace of the lord that passeth all Understanding, will keep you in peace in Christ Jesus” I saw on the bulletin. I closed it.

That was not a still small voice, it was plain letters. If God wants to talk to me, he had better talk as in talk.

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