Quick fact, it sucks not to be able to see without some cylindrical glasses fixed somewhere around the nose bridge and the ear lobes. I Guess most of you can relate with that but in case you are yet to figure, how about it sucks to be from a broken home and having both parents think money is everything? Does that make sense to you?

In an attempt to bring you to my point of view, I might continue to tell you what sucks and what should suck more and more but I seriously don’t have all the time in the world, what I can tell you is that it sucks to go to a Class in the University Of Benin late, especially if it’s the physical science 500LT.

Since I have introduced you to things that suck, you won’t be surprised if I tell you that I was going to attend my first class in UNIBEN late. It was definitely not the first class of the new school session for everybody but to me who after weeks of battle with clearance which I seriously don’t want to talk about; I was to attend my first class.

I got to the entrance of the class and met some people outside, I tried ignoring them, knowing that they were either scared of going inside or they were sent out of the class – of course I went for the former. I entered the LT(Lecture Theatre) and totally pretended like there was no lecturer in class, straight to wherever the end of the class was.

“Hey! Young Man! Come here,” I heard the Public Address system that was surprisingly in front of me say. I noticed that all eyes were on me, bunch of sweaty, nervous fresh students looking at me like I was some bearded Pakistanis dressed in Kaftan at the airport.

I turned around to look at the man; I could guess he was in his mid-50s. “Sir Are you referring to me?” I asked, taking note that he didn’t hear me clearly, but if he was smart as he was dressed, he would understand my hand gestures – wait, he was wearing sandals on a tie.

“Didn’t you see your mates at the entrance? Are you not aware of my class rule?” the Man asked in his thick Benin accent.

For cry not loud, it was my first class nah!

“No Sir! And I wasn’t sure the people outside were my mates” I replied politely – only in words. What followed were insults and I was asked to leave the class, which I didn’t see strange. I mean, I was in a Private University that you could get nailed for talking back at a security guard… what was strange was some people claiming to be some Excos of my supposed Faculty coming to tell me that I should calm down and not let the excitement of gaining admission into the University get into my head, they started annoying me with some fallacious statements and as I write, I am wishing I walked out of them that day.

Next class was Physics and my, how the study of Computer Science had anything to do with Physics was seriously overwhelming. I didn’t get a seat and I dared not to complain, after all I wanted a Public University.  Most of my friends wondered why I chose UNIBEN out of all schools, being that I spent almost all my Life in Lagos. See, I just wanted to go away from the drama, from the stories flying around and I wanted to go far away to a place where I would simply be  Balarabe Jango – a name I believe you should call me.

The last time someone asked me why I left the private University where I was studying Electrical/Electronics Engineering, I told HER that my Dad lost his JOB and was toooo broke to send me to a private university. Truth is, he did divorced his Job but broke? He divorced Mum and got away with one-third of her Family wealth and Mum, she has never been the same since she discovered that I have twin step-sisters that are exactly my age – yeah! Give it up for the Man that I look so much like, a DEACON in a Church.

Seriously though, I wouldn’t blame Mum, with how handsome a boy I am, I probably looked exactly like my Dad in his 20s… Mum was so in love she overlooked the fact that their copulation could produce an offspring with a messed up genetic make-up and a probable SS genotype – Nah! I am not a sickle cell patient; I think missed it by chance.

Seventeen years I had lived, I was like a puppet in the hands of my Dad. It turned out that I was just collateral for a lifelong scam plan. I was being grown to become an only child and heir apparent to some Empire I give no finger about and yes, I was so stupid I refused to come out of my Mum’s stomach; 3moths passed the month normal children come out of the womb. They had to bring me out by whatever medical method they call it and during this process… I destroyed her womb, I think I blame myself most times for staying that long, and sometimes I blame the Doctor – like who told him I wanted to come out?… so whenever it is my birthday, I take a minute silence for all the kids my Mum would have given birth to – my own siblings – and say Happy Anniversary Mum – in my head.

I had it rough at early age; I can tell you I made my first major decision when I was 17years old, as in completely independent of my Parents, and it was to study Computer Science in the University of Benin. Coming to UNIBEN changed my life, I made friends, I learnt a lot, I crushed, made mistakes, Fell in Love and more importantly, I found God.

Forgive me; my name is Balarabe Alexander Jang, a student of the University of Benin studying Computer Science, when I say studying… I mean theories only. I probably should tell you that all that you have read above is so not fictional, but I can’t guarantee you what you are going to read next. This is a collection of my Life in UNIBEN, my first experience with a life completely free from the control of my parents and definitely, my Love Life. Sorry if I say that I am not going to use real names for these memoirs and I am sorry for grammatical errors too. Please do not copy, paste, edit without the permission of the Author. Abeg if any character wey I use resemble you anyhow, then you might just be the person I am talking about.

Whenever you are ready!


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