We left Physical Science car park at exactly 1pm that day but Lami did not drive me home straight, she told me she wanted to see a friend of hers in the Faculty of Law which by the way, the only time I got there was when I went for my GST registration. We pulled out through the Faculty of Engineering straight past what every student called ‘FACULTY’, the building that housed three faculties.  The first 30minutes after I take my DRUGs is somewhat indescribable; the 30minutes that follows makes the world go in slow motion. I could just go ahead and name the drugs but I seriously don’t have any idea what they are. All I know is that I took 4 different pills every 6hours, that is 16 per day, and all of them were above 100mg.


I was still in my first 30minute when Lami pulled into Law car park. She was definitely angry about something and I knew I was going to have to pay for it later someday. She picked up her phone to dial a number.

Hey!… Yeah, I am at the car park…” It was a masculine voice, she didn’t tell me it was a guy she wanted to see right?

Seriously Timi, you now cruise in Hyundai?…. Ok, open the passenger’s side, I am coming in.

She  got down from the car and annoyingly signaled the ‘Just a minute’ sign.


Take your time?” I replied, wetin concern me? I sat down still experiencing what people would hurt their body to experience. You know; I used to wonder why people take codeine or mix cough syrup with soft drinks just to get high even when they are not sick.  But then I realized that everybody was suffering from one sickness or the other. A young man that wakes up in the morning only to smoke weed is sick right? What of the one that kills his nervous system taking codeine? The alcoholic guy? The Sick man? The Cancer patient? All are suffering from one sickness… Life.


Lami got into the black Hyundai SUV that was parked about four cars away from where she parked the car. Just when I was about wondering who her friend was, Mum called me to ask if I had taken my medication. She mentioned something about working on the biggest contract in the company history and would want me to be her date at the official contract awarding dinner at Aso Villa, yeah… I told her I had exams on that day and she said; “Is that so? Well, I thought it was perfect time for you to meet with the top players in the political scence but well… your exams are more important anyways. I will update you though, pray for me alright?” You can say she had indeed changed. I lied to her though; I wasn’t going to write any exam that day.


She had been in the car for almost 20minutes and she didn’t look like someone that was ready to come out. After five more minutes, the door finally opened and the urge to kill somebody sky rocketed. Dressed in black and white, he trailed behind Lami with lustful eyes, eyes I wouldn’t dare use to look at Lami. He caught up with her and locked hands with her, their walk towards my car took forever but I think I was patient enough. When they finally got to the car, Lami opened the door and introduced me as Alexander. Only my Dad called me that name, she knew how much I hated the name; it was absolute that she just wanted to piss me off.


I waved at ‘Timi’ who at that time had his hands on her waist. Maybe I was angry, maybe I was jealous or I was just being selfish but common, Lami could have chosen someone with dignity, a real Man and not one boy who just discovered he was in his pubertal age.


“So, I will pick you up tonight, club Joker is the bomb, trust me.” Timi said as it seemed the two have forgotten I existed. “Alright Naughty boy, don’t keep the girl waiting.” They hugged and I think they pecked. Two minutes after, I was finally going to my house. From the faculty of Law to the main gate, we didn’t say a word to each other. I was furious and felt like she had taken me for a ride – no puns.


On the express road, just opposite Zenith Bank building, I noticed a stop and search ahead. The Police men were as they were described in a write up I read, a black jean, a black polo and loaded riffles but a part of me prayed they were not close to what I read about them. I broke the silence and asked if Lami was with her license and she told me straight that they weren’t there for license but to look for young boys driving exotic cars so they will extract money from them on the basis that they are Yahoo boys (Fraudsters) – my fears were confirmed.


One of the Officers told us to park and another with some tribal mark that could only mean he was from Oyo state came to ask questions that were strange. His first words were; “Why you give your girlfriend the car make she drive? You wan play smart abi?”



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