I had totally forgotten about the package but I told her I was about opening it. She promised to call back 30minutes after and I ran to the car to take the package, only to remember that the keys were inside the sitting room. Na so I waka go back, waka come back.


It had a Leather-ed cover Bible and two books written by Bishop David Oyedepo and Smith Wigglesworth – Overcoming the old Man and The Faith that Works. Then there was a hand written note, more like a write up that started like:


‘Hey! Just thought I should write this since you obviously have been trying to keep me from talking, do make sure you are wearing your glasses and hey, you will need to open the bible.”


 Not only was she beautiful, her hand writing was arrghhhh… The note contained questions I asked her the night I read a bulletin on the Woman that was to be stoned to death – The Adulterous woman. It continued…


Self-Condemnation: Is it possible? Yes. The adulterous woman sure will sometimes reminisce on her sins and feel sad. Do me a favor and read John 8: 1-11. There was nobody without sin, the woman and the accusers were all guilty of sin, but mind you… She was not forgiven of her Sins. Even though Jesus had the power to forgive sin on earth(Mathew 9: 1-6), he chose to tell the woman that he didn’t condemn the woman either. I don’t want to go deep into this but what I am trying to tell you is that Jesus does not condemn anybody and the fact that you are not condemned does not mean you are forgiven. You see, the Pharisees didn’t bring that woman to be stoned, she was definitely yet to be tried under the Roman courts, they brought her to Jesus to test him and Jesus made a point with (Deut 17:7)…

Why didn’t Jesus just forgive her? I can’t answer that. But in addition to Mathew 9, read Luke 7:36-50 (Ma fav bible chapter by the way)

Why didn’t Jesus erase her memory? How would she acknowledge the fact that Jesus does not condemn her?

Conclusion? Balarabe Jang… No matter what you have done, no matter who you think you are, the Lord God, creator of heaven and earth is never ashamed of being called your God, as far as you call him your God. (Heb 11)


I opened the scriptures she wrote down, I was not opening so I could read and agree, I was opening so I would find some other reasons to disagree. She (Miriam) called me later on and she threw light on the note she sent. The call lasted for like 40minutes, we went from Christianity to being an exco, the challenges and how lucky she felt to be working with her colleagues. She did tell me she felt like she was boxed up simply because she was an exco in the fellowship. An example according to her was her fellowship stopping her from participating in the ONE campaign because well, most of the ambassadors were ‘secular’ artists. And she was one of the few student ambassador oh!…


I also got to know that she was 19years old, she was not even 19 gan… she was going to be 19 in few week, I was shocked at first but then again, 19 is not that bad for a 400level student. I told her about the police event but I didn’t dare tell her the car was mine. It was time to end the call but I didn’t want it to end, I finally thanked her for the package and forced myself to say goodnight but I guess I was not the only one that didn’t want the call to end. After my first goodbye, we talked for another 10minutes, then the second goodbye, and there was the fourth, fifth, sixth…

After the call, I practically jumped up from the bed, intending to run around the room but my muscles were not up to task. And somehow my brain screamed “Lami! You never send am message Guy…”

I ended up sending her ‘We cool?’

I know it’s not ideal for normal human beings but I guess you should know by now that I am not normal.


I read from 3 – 7pm, took a very hot shower and headed out to BDPA, praying that I meet Lami at home and totally skipping the evening dose.

The way I knock on doors according to Lami is annoyingly annoying. She needed not ask who was at the door when I knocked. She opened the door but I couldn’t enter, she was looking too beautiful for me to just walk in and not say anything stupid.


“New Perfume?” I asked, smirking.

“Nah! One weird insecticide like that.”

“Common, you don’t have to kill yourself my roach, I apologized already.” she smiled and punched me on my stomach – lightly sha.


“Fool! Its hairspray jare, and you had better come in before the real cockroaches enter.” She said as she motioned back to her whatever she was doing on her reading table.


She said my text was very romantic – I swear, na sarcasm!!! – And she wished everyone was as brainless as I was – definitely not sarcasm. I knew she wanted me to talk about Miriam and probably ask her about Timi, but I seriously wanted to know how she knew my Grandpa’s name would bail us out of the police incident. I ended up not knowing, we talked about our time table and courses we have read for like an hour until it was time for her to leave. She intended wearing a gown which was way too short and I somehow convinced her to wear trousers, I had my reasons and I begged that she trust me until she got back. Lami just couldn’t stay angry with me for long, and I hated it. Timi came to pick her up with a Guy seated in the front with him and two girls at the back. It was degrading at first but seeing that Lami didn’t like the idea got me laughing.


”Opps! Now you have to be friendly to strangers because well… your boyfriend is their friend” I messaged her immediately as the car sped off.

“Fish!… Go to Oluku though. Don’t ask me why, jst trust me n go pls?…” she replied. Well, it was time to return the ‘trust’ favor right?


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