Good morning friend, how was your night? I believe it was splendid, here goes 5pieces to inspire your today.

Honesty is never too much. Dear buddy,do unto any as you wish yourself. So question is : would you be happy if you were dealt with dishonestly? It can be quite tempting sometimes to put in a little deceit as it’s likely going to yield some paperbacks, but dear that which follows always overwhelmes the “benefit”. I would plead with you this morn, don’t steal a cup of water when you can get an ocean free, that which you think deceiving can get you, honesty can get you more.


One of the greatest mistake a man can make is trying to mirror others opinions, man should discern that which he lets in. No one can be you and believe me when I say, no matter how you try, you will never live up to others expectation when you act to please them. But if you are you, you will turn out more than any expect. Uniqueness resides in you.

Never you try to sideline God. Always try to make time out to say a prayer to him on dirnual basis, never stop to learn, you stop and you die, never look back in regrets else you won’t progress, and know you’re are not well dressed if you’re not wearing a smile!

Anything is possible, YES!.

keep thinking! But while you are at it, know two things are the cause of man’s ultimate failure at most times:
•Keep thinking without acting.
•Keep acting without thinking.

Be wise.

Procrastination is a killer! Yes, a killer. Life’s too short not to do it, life’s too short to care about what people will think if you launch your dreams, life is too short to be too scared to be different, life is too short to think of what others might say. Not that you should act inane, but let your morals in line with God’s words be your guide, yardstick, not others statements, don’t wait for no one, none will wait for you. Don’t be a fool, be you, make hay while the sun shines, if there’s no Sun, make one!

Have a fulfilling Wednesday.

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