In the past four decades Toyota Corolla went from being a new and unknown sedan to one of the most popular and best selling vehicles of all time. Just imagine: in 45 years since it was introduced, over 35 million units were sold! Thanks to its incredible versatility the Corolla can be an equally great choice, whether you’re looking for your first ever car or for an upgrade for your large family.
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First things first: any future Corolla owner should know that this Toytoa is the quintessential economy car. It’s affordable, fuel efficient, extremely reliable, and very convenient. As long as you drive safely and give your Corolla proper care, you can expect it to reach the 200,000 mileage mark and still work as good as it originally did.

It’s worth noting that while the Corolla is a very practical vehicle perfect for everyday use, it has a very recognizable look and an overall pleasing aesthetic. The sleek and smooth body of this stylish sedan will let you spot your Toyota from a lineup of similarly sized cars, and the variety of colors will help you pick the right one for your tastes.

•Engine: 1.8L, 4-cylinder, 132 hp, dual variable valve timing
•Transmission: 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic
•Towing capabilities: 700 kg
•Length: 4,54 meters
•Width: 1,76 meters
•Height: 1,47 meters
•Seating capacity: 5 passengers


Since Toyota Corolla prides itself on being an ideal family vehicle, it’s clear that safety features were a top priority for the engineers. Your Corolla is equipped with five types of airbags, each designed to give the passengers maximm safety in case of a road accident or collision.


Extra features
Although Toyota Corolla belongs to the economy car segment, it has a lot to offer to its customers. Both older and newer models are equipped with plenty of features meant to make driving the car more satisfying and convenient. If you get a relatively new Corolla, you can expect it to have:

Optitron meters: now you don’t have to stare at the dashboard for ages, trying to locate the one piece of data you need to find out. The dashboard in your new Corolla will be wonderfully easy to read, so you’ll never get lost.

Shift lever: if you’re often struggled with shifting in your previous car, the effortless and sensitive shift level in Toyota Corolla will definitely make you happy thanks to its smart design, easy use, and simply being a pleasure to touch.

Steering wheel switches: for extra comfort you can now control your advanced audio system without taking your hands off the steering wheel, which adds to the comfort and safety of your ride.

Air conditioning: although cars equipped with an air conditioner are nothing new, the conditioning system in the Corolla incorporates a Clean Air system, which not only effectively cools the air in the cabin, but also keeps it fresh and clean.

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