What used to bother me bothers me no more.

Yesterday was a Sunday that had me asking:
-where the Sun dey?

But things that bothered me,
Bothers me no more,
For I’ve come in terms with the fact that there are some things I’ll never know,

-like who God’s mom is.

Maybe when I see Elohim
He’ll tell me,
Maybe not,
Maybe I’ll never know,
But the maybes bother me no more.

Some days are all shades of black
Like rain clouds,
You may see me querying my faith
Like if I’m really saved and God loves me
Where the son dey? Where’s Grace?

But you see, doubts I now doubt
And second thoughts as regards my belief in Elohim
No longer gets a second thought
I know two things,
Life goes on
And God is God anyways.

I live more in the moment,
Pray for my footsteps God to direct,
And understand that this life is,
Not a place for me to get it all right always.

Yesterday was a Sunday,
Once upon a moment, I stared at the alter
I realized I can’t have it all within my prowess,
I’m not God.

What used to bother me, bothers me no more,
Peace of mind is close.

That which is formatted with italics is in pidgin English.

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